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Astral Magick

Protection from Black Magic and Psychic Attack

To accept and embrace the reality of the world of the spiritual and magic, it is important that one understands all of the ramifications of such acceptance. Part and parcel to all doctrines of spirituality and the metaphysical is the exchange interaction and manipulation of spiritual or psychic fields of energy. This is often referred to as an Aura. Auras cannot be seen by most, but they are there. The more sensitive you yourself become the more charged your own aura becomes. This means two things, you will become more adept at seeing the auras of others, and your own aura will also become more apparent to others, and unfortunately more prone to psychic attack.

Unknown to yourself whether you are a devotee of the esoteric arts or not, your Aura or Psychic Energy is always under assault by sprits and psychic vampires, who wish to make its energies their own. I am sure you have had the experience of being in the presence of somebody, and just feeling “drained” after the interaction – you have likely just fallen prey to a psychic vampire.

But you can protect your Aura from black magic and psychic attack. Auras are energy flows. Their fields will naturally interact just as the energies of two magnates will interact as they a placed near enough to one another. However, unlike magnets you can set boundaries, and choose who or what other energies your Aura mingles with.

Psychic attack can be as brutal or deliberate as a black magic curse or spell placed upon you, or as subtle as living with or working next to a psychic vampire who is slowly draining and invading your energy filed. Sometime as in the case of a spouse, a person can be a psychic vampire, with no ill will, draining another’s energy, and not even be aware that they are doing so.  But all psychic attacks can be stunted by building your own Shield.

It is recommended that no one dabble in the Arcane Arts or delve into the paranormal without setting up some kind of Psychic Protection. This basically involves strengthening the energy of your Aura into an impenetrable “force field”. As in all things metaphysical or spiritual, visualization is you strongest weapon. The easiest way to create a White Light Shield is the “eggshell” technique. Close your eyes relax and visualize your aura around you. It is likely ragged and unstable at this point. Now in your mind’s eye, smooth and strengthen that field into the shape of an eggshell around you. Go along the outer edge of the shell and strengthen or repair any rips you will find there. The rips and holes are the sights of psychic attacks. Once a smooth clean shell surrounds you, now begin to strengthen that shell, lay on layers until it is hard as stone. Then finally envision you are spraying a final coat of Teflon sealer upon the shell. This will offer you great protection from further psychic attacks. Some psychics recommend that you envision a mirror-like or reflective surface upon your eggshell that will not only protect from, but reflect back psychic attacks to their senders. Others caution against this technique, and warn against the Karmic implication of sending an attack back at your attacker, and say it is better to just deflect them.

Do this every day, it is as much a part of your normal “spiritual hygiene” to protect you from psychic attack, as brushing your teeth is part of your physical hygiene to project you from gum disease.

Moving away from the purely “psychic” techniques of protection, there are specific magic spells, charms, amulets, talismans, and incantations designed to project from black magic and psychic attack.

Regardless of the doctrine Light is always used for protection. This may involve calling upon Shakti or Spiritual Energy, to the invoking of protective entities such as angels, saints or totemic spirits. Protective magic may involve the use of crystals, bezoar stones, other charms, amulets, roots herbs, or spiritual artifacts to help gather in and amplify spiritual light and energy. Another form of light people also often call upon is the protective flames of Gabriel or the other Archangels or Seraphs.

However while couched in more metaphysical terms these charms and rituals serve the same ultimate purpose: protection from negative and draining energies.

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