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Astral Magick


This site contains powerful magick items, for those who seek real power and pursue the study of magick seriously. All these items are obtained from the highest adepts in Indonesia, and contain powerful jinns, familiar spirits or angelic khodams. Please note that this is serious magick and requires your serious participation. Most empowerments come with self initiation rituals and exercises to develop the powers, and require regular repetition of sacred prayers and mantras. Many of these items descriptions mention miraculous powers that can be developed: let us make it clear now that these powers do not come instantly, but require some work. The empowerment is like a seed that is planted in you that has to be nurtured as it grows. It is up to you to do the practices to fully develop these powers. Some of the talismans and amulets work automatically, but the most potent empowerments require self-initiation rituals, some of which are simple and others that may take several hours to complete, but if you put in the work you will be well rewarded. There is nothing else like these available. If magick is what you seek, then search through these items and begin your path to real power.

There are several different categories of magickal items. Amulets are objects you wear for protection. They are charged with powerful spells, and may contain a familiar spirit. A talisman is an item you wear to help you achieve a goal. It may be to help you attract wealth or love, or to give you an authoritative bearing, or to increase physical strength or athletic abilities. Empowerments are usually in the form of a capsule that you swallow during a self-initiation ritual, to confer power upon you. These are generally for occult power, but there are also empowerments for protection that require very little maintenance.

The spirits bound in to the item by the adept also come in different categories. First, there are the familiar spirits. These are often animal spirits, such as snakes or tigers. They are very strong as protectors. Then there are Khodams. These are more intelligent and versatile. They can bestow all kinds of spiritual powers. Some are specialists in occult development, others are more concerned with looking after your material needs, such as health, money, love, protection. Then there are angelic khodams. A khodam simply means something that serves. khodam is a personal server that has attained a higher status (Angelic) in their own dimension.. These are the most powerful helpers, but are more specific in the kind of powers they bestow.

Lastly, there are magick oils in the list. These are full of raw occult power and can be used to empower anything simply by anointing.


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