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Lucky Coin of the Majapahit Kingdom
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Lucky Coin of the Majapahit Kingdom

This highly empowered, life improvement talisman takes the form of an intricate and ancient coin. This amulet is imbued with the ilmu ajian cahaya matahari which attracts wealth and prosperity. It will draw and call forth riches and fortunes from around the four corners of the world. The ancient ilmu dates back to the era of the Majapahit Kingdom.

The Virtues of this special, life improvement talisman are as follows:
- Attracts love and compassion
- Attracts the adoration of others
- Assists in creating harmonious relationships and inspires faithfulness of partners
- Increases success in career and business
- Shop owners will see increases in sales and customers
- Those who are in sales of any kind will experience a swiftness of sales
- Heals physical illnesses
- Heals metaphysical illnesses and repels bad genies
- Increases fertility
- Assists with the healthy labor and delivery of babies
- Extends the virtues of religious faith and intelligence to offspring
- Draws and increases patients to doctors


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