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Astral Magick

Magic Rituals for Everyday Well-being

Call it meditation, call it Yoga, call it relaxation therapy, or call it Magic Ritual. No matter what you call it, it is a scientifically proven fact that spending a little time everyday enhancing your Spirit by connecting to something greater then yourself reduces stress and improves your health.

Magic Rituals and Spiritual practices are usually thought of as only being the province of priests, monks, and shamans -those unique individuals who have broken the bonds of preoccupation with the mundane. Yet anyone can figuratively and literally bring “magic” into their lives through Magical Ritual and Spiritualism.

It does not matter what magical doctrine you choose to follow, or what daily Magic Ritual you choose to perform. Learning and practicing any magic ritual will teach you how to focus your awareness, awaken your “Third Eye” and bring a new richness to your everyday life.

Whether you choose to be a practitioner of magic or not, a simple daily Magic Ritual can improve all of your day to day activities. A raised spiritual consciousness through magic rituals will heighten all creative pursuits, such as writing, painting, or music. Enhanced contemplative awareness through Magic Ritual will improve your physical and psychological well being. Daily Magical Ritual can contribute to better relationships with your family, your community, and the world at large.

Consider this. As children we all had a powerful sense of wonder at simply being alive in this remarkable place. It is no wonder that childhood is referred to as a “magical” time. Yet as we grow up, most of us lose that sense of magic. We become caught up in material ambitions and the burdens of adult life. We accept a life that has become increasingly routine and one-dimensional.

Magic Ritual, in its broadest sense is a sudden re-opening of the mind to the wonder that can be found in reality and everyday existence. By bringing “magic” back into our lives through Magic Rituals, we once again begin to recognize that there is much more to life than we usually see.

Performing a daily Magic Ritual reminds us that we do not have to be confined by the limited views of “modern society”. Accepting Magical Ritual into your daily life can counteract your own negative thought patterns and help us remember that this life that we have been given contains many dimensions, rich textures, and meanings far beyond our familiar beliefs and concepts.

This loss of a sense of the spiritual and sacredness of life while prevalent in Western Society, does not happen in cultures that continue to practice magic and shamanism. We in the modern world often look at such cultures with disdain and label their practices involving talismans, amulets, Voodoo and other magical rituals, as superstition and primitive.  And yet in these so-called “primitive” cultures living closer to the natural world, people have a more immediate sense of the larger forces that influence their lives. To them Gods and demons are all around, and play a role in all things. Therefore the culture provided Magic Rituals and symbols to help people remember the larger sacred dimension of life, even as they grow their crops, raise their children and go about their daily activities. Eating, loving, working, indeed, every activity and life circumstance were endowed with magic rituals or symbolic meanings that allowed the individual to connect with the larger, universal forces shaping their destiny. Instead of looking down on such practices we should follow their example, and use Magical Ritual to improve our lives.

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