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Magic Rituals For Wealth and Power

The word ritual is usually used as it relates to specific doctrines of a given religion. Rituals vary from religion to religion. The world of magic and the metaphysical also has its rituals. But just as rituals vary from religion to religion, magic rituals, though a part and parcel of any Shamanistic or Occult practice – vary.

All esoteric disciplines have magic rituals to not only enhance everyday life, but to bring blessings, good fortune, wealth and power. For example the doctrine known as Wicca or Wiccan magic also sometimes referred to as “Witchcraft” or “Paganism”, has at its core the invocation of ancient deities, such as those of the Greek and Roman Pantheons. As such there are Wiccan rituals that appeal to those deities for money, wealth, and power. In this tradition, Demeter is the Ancient Greek Goddess of Prosperity. She is also generally recognized as the most  “human” and “humane” Goddess in the pantheon. Wiccan practitioners will call upon Demeter to bring success, prosperity, and financial opportunities using a ritualized magical bath. The bath will use oils and salts and body lotions consisting of Sweet Orange, Hemlock and Rosemary. Demeter, is the Goddess of Agriculture, Abundance, Success & Prosperity. The magical ritual of the bath is a ritual cleansing crafted to honor the Goddess and the bounty she brings. Although in ancient times Demeter was known as a goddess of agriculture, the deities invoked in the Wiccan tradition change with the needs of the practitioner. So today one can use a traditional magical ritual to bring a bountiful harvest, to bring success and abundance in all things.

It is important to note that magic rituals and magic spells are different entities, though they have many similarities. Both magic spells and magic rituals rely on spoken words, or incantations recited in a particular rhyme or word order. Both Magic Rituals and Magic spells require the use of magical accoutrements, such as candles, talismans, amulets or other types of magical ornamentation. But whereas a magic spell relies on the incantation and magical materials alone for its power, a magical ritual uses these things but its power lies in repetition.

The Oxford Dictionary of the English language defines “ritual” as a procedure regularly followed. Therefore magic spells that are done routinely over an over again can and do evolve into magic rituals. Magic rituals can be group rituals such as when a coven performs a particular welcoming ritual each time a new member joins. Or magic rituals can be individual rituals perfumed by a practitioner before undertaking a particular magic task. For example a Wiccan casting a magic circle for protection prior to casting any spell, or the daily performance of The Greater Ritual of the Pentagram, performed by practitioners of High Magick to invoke the blessings of the Lord Tetragrammaton and the Archangels.

To those newly initiated to the Magical Arts, their may still be some confusion over how a spell differs from a magic ritual. A simple way to embrace the difference between the two practices is simply this: If the magic is to be performed only once to gain something specific, it is a spell. If it will be performed repeatedly for the same effect it is a magic ritual

To most the word ritual has a religious connotation. And while many magic rituals are designed to invoke divine powers, you need not be of any particular religious faith to perform a magical ritual. Nor are magical rituals necessarily in conflict with more traditional religious affiliations. Many persons will perform magic rituals of no particular religious order, just to attune their home to the metaphysical realm, and to try to use the repetition of ritual magic to bring their hearts desires.

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