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Astral Magick

Magical Amulets and Psychic Protection

One of the most common uses of a magic amulet is to “ward off evil” or provide magical or psychic protection. A person does not have to be a practitioner of magic to wear an amulet for psychic protection. In fact it is the simplest way for a person to achieve such protection without the need for complex spell casting or ritual magic.

Throughout the ancient world amulets were worn for protection and good fortune. Practitioners and believers of the metaphysical will attest to the magical properties of amulets. Yet modern psychologists offer a more mundane explanation for their documented effects. In ancient times amulets were very ornate objects of beauty. Such an object would avert or “absorb” the deadly first glance of the “evil eye” away from is wearer rendering the caster of the evil spell psychologically and emotionally powerless. Present day psychologists agree that our conscious lives are controlled by the subconscious. The wearing of protective amulets triggers and empowers the subconscious mind, raising your psychological strengths and increasing power through positive thinking. 

Others who believe in the more esoteric power of amulets say they give you the power to control your fate and actions by tapping into the fundamental forces of the universe. For eons there has been a strong belief in the influence of the cosmos on the lives of humankind. Druids, Witches, Shamans and other magicians of ancient times understood that there was a natural affinity between the heavenly bodies and specific earthly colors, metals, animals, stones, minerals and crystals. These affinities were called “correspondences” by the ancient magicians. They believed that by correctly using these correspondences through magic ritual incorporating the appropriate objects, they could draw on the power of the universe.

These connections between earthly objects and heavenly bodies forms the basis of all ritual magic, and Amulets play a key role in drawing on and focusing these forces to the will of the magician. In this occult tradition The Amulet serves the purpose of either gathering or deflecting various magical or psychic influences. To offer the greatest psychic protection, it is suggested that such an amulet should be created or consecrated at the time when the corresponding planet is at its zenith, when its metaphysical influence is at its greatest intensity.

People across all cultures religions and occult beliefs have worn Amulets or symbols for comfort and protection. In the Judeo-Christian tradition the wearing of a Star of David or a Crucifix can be construed not only as a sign of faith, but as a form of psychic protection to be called upon in time of need. It has been noted by several scholars that Catholics who do not normally wear a Cross in their every day lives can be seen wearing them and clutching them at funerals.

People of varying religions and affiliations wear their gods and goddesses as lockets or amulets to protect them. The Symbol of ‘Aum’, planetary signs and Zodiac signs also have been worn as protective amulets.

Other Symbols or Amulets worn for psychic protection include:

  • The Eye: An eye on an amulet usually stands for the Sun, or the “The Eye of Day”. It represents the All-seeing Eye of the Deity. The open eye Amulet is used to defend against evil enchantment, psychic attack and hardships of all kinds. An Amulet representing both the eyes together symbolizes Sun and Moon, and a double source of protection and strength is created by this combination.
  • The Hand: A hand Amulet usually represents the hand of Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed. The fingers of the hand stand for the qualities of Goodness, Hospitality and Generosity. Hand Amulets protect from evil as well as imbue strength and virtue on the person who wears it. The same symbol, The Hamsa is prominent for protection in Kabahla, or the Jewish Mystical tradition. For Jews the Amulet protects from evil and has no connection to Islam.

No matter the tradition all amulets seem to have one power in common for the wearer. By physically clutching or looking at the amulet often one feels assured that a superior power is with him protecting them from harm.

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