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Voodoo is a religious tradition originating in West Africa, which became prominent in the New World due to the importation of African slaves. West African Vodun is the original form of the religion; Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo are its descendants in the New World.

Hoodoo is a form of predominantly African American traditional folk magic. Also known as conjure, it is a rich magical tradition that developed from the merging of a number of separate cultures and magical traditions. Hoodoo incorporates well established practices from African and Native American traditions, as well as some European magical practices and grimoires. While folk practices like hoodoo are trans-cultural phenomena, what is particularly innovative in this tradition is the "remarkably efficacious use of biblical figures" in its practices and in the lives of its practitioners.[1]

The word hoodoo first appears documented in American English in 1875 and is listed as a noun[2] or a transitive verb.[3] In African-American vernacular it is often used to describe a magic spell or potion, but it may also be used as an adjective for a practitioner (e.g. hoodoo doctor, hoodoo man, or hoodoo woman). Regional synonyms for hoodoo include conjuration, conjure, witchcraft, or rootwork.[4] However, they do not all imply one another. For example, witchcraft is problematic as a synonym in that it can imply a moral judgment regarding the practice of hoodoo (i.e. it is evil), or it can be confused with contemporary Wicca. Moreover, a hoodoo practitioner is not always understood as a rootworker if they do not use roots and herbs in their magical practices. Thus, rootwork can be understood as a subcategory or a "type" of hoodoo practice.