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Mermaid Attraction Power Oil
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Mermaid Attraction Power Oil

This magical oil has been empowered with a high-level mermaid attraction power. Similar to how the legends go, the oil has a way of giving the user an unforgettable enchanting presence which will sway the opposite sex to be easily influenced.

The oil will allow the user to create a long-lasting impression into the minds of the people they meet and interact with. Make friends easily, attract your ideal partner and effortlessly influence people, colleagues or peers around you.

This oil has also been empowered to attract luck, prosperity and fortunes for the user. It is ideal for business owners and managers, CEOs and executives who attend business meetings, conferences and carry out sales work whose roles can benefit from having this additional attraction and influential power.

The item is very easy to use, there are no rituals to conduct, only a short mantra to recite when applying the oil. 

Magical Virtue:

 Amazingly powerful enchanting presence.
 Influence People around you with ease
 Attract Luck and Prosperity with an Enhanced Aura
 Improve Business Meetings and conduct Successful Business Deals!
 Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with.
 Attract the opposite sex easily
 Simple one line mantra to recite at the time of applying the oil to yourself.

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