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Pusaka Tosan Aji Keris Oil-20ml
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Traditional Keris Pusaka Oil


Free with Every Keris Purchase!!


These can be used with your Mustika Pearls!


This oil is made specially to maintain a Pusaka Tosan Aji or Tosan Charm, with the term ‘Pusaka’ meaning ‘legacy’ or ‘heirloom’.

The Pusaka Oil is a mixture of oils whose recipe originates from traditional and ancestral secrets. The oil consists of high quality Sandalwood oil and a variety of organic natural flower oils. It is 100% natural oil based and has no chemicals or additives, making it ideal to use on the Tosan Aji without causing damage.

It helps to preserve the metal of the item and also can feed the Genie Spirit/Khodam.

Suitable for application on:

Keris, Spear, Machete, Kris, Blades, Rencong, Mandau, Kujang, Badik and other similar items.

The oil will be provided in a 20ml Bottle.

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