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Animal Totem Information

Our Animal Totem Information


We have done considerable research into the theory of animal totems, and with the help of another spiritualist, have written many articles on animal totems. We use these articles to provide information to clients on our product pages. Some of the animal totem virtues mentioned on product pages are there as guidelines to inspire the reader about certain qualities each animal possesses. It is there to create a stronger bond between humans and the animal kingdom knowing they are all special in there own ways. This is an ancient belief amongst many deeply spiritual groups and tribes and has a long tradition throughout the ages; we did not “invent” these theories, nor do we claim to have invented them. We do not claim the pearl will posses all the virtues of the animal it came from, or even some of these virtues. It is impossible to say such things. This is why we present them as animal totem virtues but not necessarily the virtue of the pearl. The pearl may well have some connection or none to the virtues presented on the animal totem articles.
For this reason we stress that the deep psychic scanning of the pearl will only reveal some or all the virtues of the particular pearl that the client has chosen. This information is only given after the purchase of the pearl and not before. The reason we do this is because we do not want customers to choose pearls solely for there magickal powers but wish them to choose for the spiritual attraction one has to the pearl. There is no point wearing a pearl which you are not drawn to and only want for its power, as it may not work optimally for you.

This article was published on Friday 01 September, 2006.

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