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Our concept of Jinn spirits is skewed by western associations with Genies and magic lanterns and so we often perceive Jinn as being servile, if somewhat difficult beings. Yet as we have already learned, Jinn are possibly more closely associated to humans than we could ever have imagined and in some instances will like the genie of the lamp, manifest in the physical to interact when necessary. Yet what we can also learn is that jinn spirits can be even more similar to humans when it comes to characteristics and have temperaments which are good, bad or benevolent. Of course, just like humans the Jinn are rarely always good, bad or benevolent, they will simply be defined by the prominent trait.Read More
Mar 2, 2017 1:54:24 AM By Zahir Karbani Jinn, Djinn, Genie, genies, spirits, iblis, angel, , Metaphysical Spiritual Articles
Magic, spell-casting and the occult, are generally words which are today often associated with wrong or evil doing, yet in reality when it comes to the historical evidence what we actually find is that the opposite is more often the case. No matter which system we examine, whether it be, Druid, Egyptian, Pagan or even Indian Hindu, spell-casting is a practice that in intention is for good only and usually is incorporated into some form of worship. Some might worship their God, others nature, others still the spirit beings, but no matter what the considered omnipotence the underpinning objective is for benefit to be forthcoming in some form.Read More
Jinn spirits, which are more commonly referred to as genies in the western world, often associate or influence physical individuals, but their attendance is only limited. In reality, Jinn spirits are tied to another plane and they attend to their activities in that dimension much in the same way as we do in ours. Today the uninitiated often think of there being, at most, two planes: the physical embodiment in which we live and a spiritual one where we exit to when our mortal body dies. However, although different systems may have their own measure and terminology, the current general consensus is that the planes exist at seven levels. Jinns though are most frequently found at the etheric, astral and higher dimensions according to the strength of their spiritual development.Read More
Mar 1, 2017 2:15:43 AM By Zahir Karbani Metaphysical Spiritual Articles

Although today we often think of amulets as being primarily decorative objects, their history stems long into the past and has foundation in a time when life was not so secure. Amulets were first mentioned as far back as 79AD when the tenth and final volume of Pliny’s Natural History was published. In this great work we are informed that the word ‘amulet’ is derived from the Latin Amuletum meaning, ‘power to divert evil.’

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Dec 29, 2016 1:32:04 AM By Zahir Karbani Metaphysical Spiritual Articles

Talismans are the most complex of the sacred symbols. The word talisman itself, at least in more recent times, is thought to originate from the Arabic word, Tilasm, which means completion of a religious rite, and this statement in itself should give some indication of the individual and specific nature of what a talisman signifies. Yet today we would also more commonly recognise the relevance of this object if we used the word ‘synchronicity’ to define it. This is because numerous factors are involved when it comes to the talisman not least in that the benefits they are required to draw upon is specific, but also that there has to be some compatibility, either through energies or spirits, which necessitate the talisman being produced at a spiritually significant time or even an astrologically significant period.

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Dec 29, 2016 1:28:33 AM By Zahir Karbani Metaphysical Spiritual Articles

Although today the words amulets, talismans and charms are frequently used interchangeably, by reading through the other articles here you will be able to see there are clear distinctions. When it comes to charms however, they are the easiest to define because they are what we most widely associate in the contemporary world as being objects designed to bring us good luck.

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Dec 29, 2016 1:08:29 AM By Zahir Karbani charms, Metaphysical Spiritual Articles

Some things just go together. Tomato sauces work well with chili. A white cotton shirt is a good match for blue denim jeans. The persistent patter of percussion forms a great foundation for wind or stringed instruments to play over.

It’s this simple principle that’s at the heart of talismans: things that go together have a kind of resonance. And putting them together in a particular form allows a person to access that power when they have need of it. Think of how you dress to impress when you go to meet a potential employer or lover – there’s a ritual element to it, the clothes helping you feel a way that’s suited to the outcome you want, whether it’s a job or a marriage proposal.

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Dec 1, 2016 12:40:22 PM By Zahir Karbani Metaphysical Spiritual Articles

Finding meaning from our dreams is something human kind has been curious about for centuries. While some people have prophetic dreams, and can, while they are asleep, foresee the future, most of us are simply processing events that occur during our waking hours. Sometimes dreams will provide answers to problems as our sub-conscious works out situations that we are struggling with; other times our minds are simply organizing data and learned material to better use it while we are awake. Whether the dreams we have are of the inspirational kind, the prophetic sort or just simple thought process, they often don’t seem to make much sense upon first thought. However, when we write down our dreams and give some consideration to them, upon further investigation, they make a great deal of sense. A jumbled dream may seem to just be a lot of disjointed images and thoughts, but they each contain their own meanings to us personally and universally.

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