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Using Mustika Pearls in Feng Shui by Zahir Karbani

Using Mustika Pearls in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a technique of placement and arrangement of living or working space to bring about harmony within the environment. Pronounced in English as “fung shway,” the practice is thousands of years old and originated in China. The original feng shui practice did not only involve the placement of objects within a space but also the placement of homes and other buildings to work in perfect harmony with nature. Modern day architects still use the practice when designing buildings when they want the structure to make the most of the available natural landscape without disruption but with harmony.

The concept of Qi, pronounced ch’i, plays a vital role in feng shui. Qi is simply the concept of the flow of energy. Thus, feng shui technique largely depends upon the placement of objects that will best compliment the flow of energy within any space. Many enthusiasts of the tradition firmly believe that applying feng shui to the home or office will have a positive effect on good luck, energy, health, wealth and relationships by creating a peaceful living and/or working environment and increasing the positive flow of energy to all who enter the space. Various items and decorating techniques are very popular for use in feng shui; some of these include lucky symbols, crystals, rocks, color in the form of paint, upholstery, window treatments and flooring, scent in the form of herbs, essential oils and perfumes, plants, flowers and mustika pearls. Color plays a huge role in achieving feng shui balance as does the four elements of Earth, fire, water and air. Another important concept often recognized in this art is the use of the four Celestial Animals which represent the four main directions of a compass, they are as follows: East and the Bluegreen Dragon, South and the Red Bird, West and the White Tiger and lastly, North and the Mysterious Turtle.

Taking these above principals into account, mustika pearls offer a benefit not able to be offered with crystals, stones or gems. As mustika pearls of various kinds represent the four directions, the four elements and also the four celestial animals they are used to great effect in this regard. Also, color combinations may be used to incorporate a necessary balancing color into the environment. There are numerous mustika pearls that will work for a large variety of feng shui configurations, below are offered only a few ideas for inspiration, use them to spark your own ideas and to find the perfect feng shui “flow of energy” within your home, office or professional area!

Place a large bluegreen dragon pearl on an onyx or wooden pedestal in the eastern part of your home or space, place a mustika pearl from a red bird, also on a wooden pedestal in the southern part of your home or space, in the western part of your home or space place a mustika pearl of the White Tiger on a wooden pedestal and lastly, in the Northern part of your home or space, place a Turtle pearl on a pedestal. This convergence of the four Celestial animals in their respective directions will greatly enhance the positive energy within that space tremendously. Study the various pearls available for purchase and use them to bring feng shui harmony into your space.

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