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Shamanic Practices in All of Asia

A Shaman is a healer or diviner who enters an altered state of consciousness to gain access to the spiritual world. Even though Siberia is thought to be the origin of ancient Shamanism, the practice eventually spread to multiple cultures around the world, each with their own variations fused with their cultures. This article will …

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Shamanic Practices

Shamanism is an ancient practice that originated in Siberia then later spread to other regions of the world. The practice varies from one culture to another owing to factors like geography, beliefs, myths, and religions.There are also shared beliefs and practices across most Shamanic communities. For instance, natives regard Shamans as the link between the …

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Shamanism in Indonesia

Shamans in Indonesia are popularly known as Dukun and are mainly traditional healers who help alleviate their people from sickness and pain. Other duties of the Indonesian Dukun include exorcism, ceremonial magic, meditation, and administering healing massages. While the Dukun brings healing and restoration to the community, another breed of Shamans known as the Bomoh …

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Shamanic and Mystical Amulets

A shaman is a healer or a priest with the power to enter an altered state of mind to access and influence the spiritual world. Throughout history, shamans around the world have been responsible for curing ailments, prophesying, revealing hidden truths, and interacting with both good and evil spirits. Shamanic mysticism is one of the …

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Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing: Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine

Alternative healing therapies is a term that is used to refer to medical treatments which don’t involve traditional medicinal techniques. Sometimes, an alternative therapy may be used as a standalone treatment or alongside Western medicine. Here, we take a look at some of these alternative therapies in health and medicine and how they are used …

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All About Shamanic Healing

All About Shamanic Healing: Shamanic Medicine And Healer Sage

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that precedes most established religions. It has a cosmology and symbolism all it’s own and can be found in many worldwide cultures. Many of today’s formal religions came from shamanic ancient roots, but shamanism isn’t a formal ideology or belief system.  Instead, it’s a group of experiences and activities that …

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