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How Clean Diet Nurtures Your Spiritual & Meditation Practices

How Clean Diet Nurtures Your Spiritual & Meditation Practices

There is that famous saying that you are what you eat. Yes, from a scientific point of view, our bodies obtain much-needed fuel from the food we eat to perform essential functions like excretion and digestion. Spiritually, food is a powerful force that significantly affects our energy fields. Ancient Vedic culture classified food into three categories; Tamas, Sattva, and Rajas. Tamasic food weighs your spirit down because it lacks nutritional value, while Rajasic food heightens your senses, making it hard to meditate. Sattvic foods, on the other hand, elicit calm, peaceful feelings and promote overall health. Let’s expound more on why you should eat clean and how it can affect your spirituality.

Does diet affect your aura?

Well, all foods meant for consumption contain a subtle vibration. The intensity and type of vibration depend on its source, manner of preparation, the spiritual level and state of the cook, and the dominant feelings as they prepare the food. Once you eat the food, the vibrations permeate your body, leading to increased negative or positive vibrations.

Ideally, the best foods for spiritual well being are vegan because meat consumption is associated with increased levels of subtle negative vibrations. However, we understand that people’s bodies respond differently to food, and yours might not appreciate the sudden shift to veganism. You can still enjoy your meat as long as you restrict yourself to white meat. Fortunately, eggs are not off the table, meaning you can continue to enjoy your poached eggs as long as you like.

However, red meat is a no-go zone if you want to experience any development in your mystical and spiritual abilities. Red meat from pigs, goats, sheep, and cows hampers your ability to dive into deep meditation, causing you to feel stuck. Experts also believe that red meat carries heavy emotional baggage from the slaughtered animal, rendering it one of the most inappropriate diets for mystical developments.

In the Biblical times of Noah, God forbade humans from eating pork, among other four-legged animals. Pigs thrive in filthy environments, not to mention the disgusting things they consume to survive. If you have been around pigs before, you can confirm that they eat anything, from decomposing vegetables to maggots to dead animals. In addition to eating literal junk, pigs do not sweat, locking in most toxins within their bodies. Therefore, their meat is unclean and very unfit for human consumption.

Spiritual benefits of eating clean diet

We have a nasty habit of trivializing our existence without thinking about the bigger picture. There is so much more to our well-being than what we see on the outside. Once we scratch the surface of our physical and mental health, we discover that we have a soul that also needs to be healthy to paint a picture of a well-rounded human being. Below are some of the spiritual benefits of eating a clean diet for meditaiton.

Promotes inner peace

There is no shortage of trials and tribulations in the world. However, when we have inner peace, we are better equipped to jump the hurdles life throws our way. You cannot attain inner peace if you are indulging in an unhealthy diet.

Help you attain a unique Zen

The body, mind, and soul are all interconnected. Nourishing the body with nutrient-dense food, in turn, nourishes your spirit and allows your inner Zen to flourish unapologetically.

Enhances your perspective

When you are feeling low, you are fixated on your inner turmoil, unable to appreciate the beautiful world around you. However, when you eat the right foods to improve on meditation, the haze clears, and you are now able to see the world from a better, more positive perspective.

Boosts creativity

A clean diet eliminates any mental blocks, freeing your mind to develop creative ideas that propel you forward in your endeavors. You are also more likely to find fulfillment.

It enables you to attract positive energy

People are drawn to positive vibes and inner peace. Once you start eating diets for metaphysical development, you will intuitively attract positive-minded people and repel negative energies in your life.

Is diet affecting your meditation?

Perhaps you have been meaning to meditate but always postpone because you are drowsy or bombarded with lots of distracting thoughts. You may conclude that you are stressed or not sleeping well at night. What if the real culprit was your food?

The ancient knowledge of life divides human body types into pitta, vata, and kapha. This philosophy also categorizes our mental construction, or gunas, into rajas, tamas, and sattva. It would be wise to dig deeper into these categories to determine where you lie so you can choose the best spiritual diets for your body type and mental construction. We guarantee that adhering to these guidelines will pave the way for a fruitful meditation experience.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, food is not something you should trivialize. Ensure that you watch what you eat and prioritize self-awareness so that you are always eating food that nourishes your physical body, mind, spirit, and soul!

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