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Jinn Spirits – Good, Bad, or Benevolent?

Jinn Spirits – Good, Bad, or Benevolent?

Jinn Spirits

Our concept of Jinn spirits is skewed by western associations with Genies and magic lanterns and so we often perceive Jinn as being servile, if somewhat difficult beings. Yet as we have already learned, Jinn are possibly more closely associated to humans than we could ever have imagined and in some instances will like the genie of the lamp, manifest in the physical to interact when necessary.

Yet what we can also learn is that jinn spirits can be even more similar to humans when it comes to characteristics and have temperaments which are good, bad or benevolent. Of course, just like humans the Jinn are rarely always good, bad or benevolent, they will simply be defined by the prominent trait.

The exception to the three definitions comes in the shape of Iblis, who in Islamic history, is much like the Angel Lucifer who was cast from heaven and became Satan. Iblis was a jinn who not only defied Allah’s commands but he also thought himself to be superior to Adam. As a result of his arrogance he was suitably punished and so banished from Paradise.

Here again, as we did when discussing the casting of spells, that there are distinct comparisons between what we have come to know as magic and the more well recognized conception, at least in Western culture, of religion. Yet when it comes to spell casting and jinn in general, of course Iblis is no more called upon than we would call upon Satan in a church. Again the primary objective is to request the assistance of a spiritual being to perform beneficial tasks.

Astral Magics, of course, only request the services of good jinn, and, because they have a peculiar trait resulting in general mistrust, in our considered opinion and extensive experience, the most appropriate spirits are those involved with the Hindu segment. We often find these jinn living in a higher and more developed dimension or plane accorded to their skills and they also have more stable personal characteristics achieved through maturity, following and overall experiential evolution. Because it is a required by all jinn spirits to become associated with those on the physical plane who are evidencing intention, through mantras, rituals or rites, we also find these jinn to be good judges of genuine intention and so partnerships between keeper and jinn are developed more swiftly and are stronger. This results in enchantments being performed more effectively and is more conducive to contended clients.

All jinn have 5 classifications according to their development and these range from the strongest, Married, and reduce in strength through the Ifrit, Shatin, and Ghul, until we encounter the weakest which is known as the Jann.

Although we occasional veer from these jinn in both strength and segment, you will find that for the most part our adepts frequent the plane where Hindu Married exist and, because of this, clients are more likely to achieve a swift and superior partnership. Additionally, although most Jinn spirits are capable of performing a diverse range of tasks, many do actually specialize in certain practices ranging from love interests through to protective capacity.

Rest assured that by purchasing an empowerment from Astral Magics we will apply all our experience and skills to harmonize both your and your requirements with a jinni which will achieve your desires.

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