Magic Symbols and Magic Wands


Magic Symbols and Magic Wands

The world of magic and all things magical is well entrenched with magic symbols. The most well-known of the magic symbols is the pentagram. This five pointed star within a circle is a powerful influence within the Wicca tradition as well has historically in many occult practices and beliefs. The pentagram was also used by the Free Masons as their icon or identifying mark. In Wicca tradition the four side points of the star of this magic symbol represent the elements of fire, water, air and Earth and the top point represents a spiritual feminine influence such as Mother Earth or Gaia (the Earth Mother). It is used to channel good energy, banish bad energy, to offer protection, or to bring things to you depending how and where it is drawn. Another magic symbol that is well used within the occult world are the sign of Alchemy. This magic symbol is a series of shapes contained within a circle, inside a circle is a triangle, inside the triangle is a square and lastly, inside the square is another circle. The sign of Alchemy aids in magical work for the purpose of mental, spiritual and physical transformation within an individual. It is closely tied to Jewish mysticism or the Kabbala. Other drawn or written symbols abound, however, magic symbols are not always drawings, crystal balls, crystal wands, stones, Mustika pearls, magic wands and other magic items are also considered symbols of mysticism and magic.

The magic wand has been around for thousands of years. They can be dated to ancient Egyptians and Egyptian magic. Magic wands can be made of many materials such as ivory, crystal, metal or wood. Wood were and are the most popular material for making wands and many types of wood are used for making them. Oak, hazel and willow are three of the most popular woods used for making magic wands. They are most often used as aids in performing magic spells or to draw magic to the owner. Crystal wands are used for channeling good energy and dissipating bad energy. They are considered to be a powerful magic symbol and are often used by those who practice Wicca as their religion for various rituals and practices. The magic wand first started as a method of measurement. A wand was about the length of a yard and some academics believe they are a development of the ancient shaman’s drumstick which was used for healing and spell casting. In fiction the magic wand plays an important role. Most notably the book series, Harry Potter uses wands in a very entertaining manner. They aid wizards in the art of spell casting and are sold at Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Diagon Alley.

Magic wands and magic symbols certainly bring forth wonderful and fanciful images of performing fantastic magic spells and magical power. Many attribute these important aspects of magic with providing guidance and allowing the user to bring forth powers not other wise available to those seeking to learn and perform magic. Historically, they are fascinating and give many clues to the world of ancient mysticism that most find, at the very least, very interesting and fun. There are many books and Web sites that can teach you how to make magic wands and use magic symbols. Wands can also be purchased at various occult stores and via the internet. Some are simple and streamlined and others are quite elaborate and detailed. Crystal wands are also available for purchase and can be very stunning as well as useful. Whether you deicide to make or purchase a magic wand or other magic symbol for practical use or for fun, you should be sure that it calls to you specifically and it would be something you would enjoy owning.

Many people prefer their magic symbols in the form of crystal wands, stones or gems. Many people have found Mustika pearls or stones to be helpful as use for talisman or to bring magical elements into their lives. These items are very interesting and are said to have many virtues and properties that people find helpful and beneficial. They are similar to crystals and other items considered magical and mystical. Again, whether these types of items hold any magical power that can enhance your life and improve it, is for you and you alone to decide.

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