Modern Spirituality and Psychic Well Being


Modern Spirituality and Psychic Well Being

It has been called everything from New Age Mysticism to the Age of Aquarius, to merely the generation of the baby boomers trying to reconnect with something they have lost. But whatever you call it there can be no denying that there is a reawakening of spirituality, spiritual information, mysticism and things of magic on a global scale. One only needs to look at the popularity of movies such as the Lord of the Rings, and celebrities like Madonna’s interest in Kabbalah, to realize that interest in the spiritual realm and things metaphysical are at an all-time high.

Perhaps it is because so many of us do feel lost in today’s modern world that we do feel the need to reconnect with something on a spiritual level. For many that becomes a renewed interest in traditional religion. But even among the Judeo-Christian and other western religious traditions, there has been a drawing to the more spiritual or mystical aspects of those religions, hence the popularity in the study of Kabbalah and Angels. Can this mean we are at a tipping point metaphysically, and as a people with a shared racial consciousness there is an awareness of it? Perhaps. Some would say it is the dawning of a New Age, others the coming of Armageddon.

In either case there can be no denying that on cosmic or spiritual level something is happening. And buying and selling of merchandise and products relating to spirituality, spiritual clairvoyance, and psychic self-defence is becoming big business. Whether you are a believer or not sales of spiritual jewelry, spiritual necklaces, and all things metaphysical are on the rise.

Websites and catalogues are springing up every day devoted to the sales of spiritual stuff. Sellers are appealing to all types of buyers of spiritual merchandise. There are chakra spiritual necklaces and healing wands for the actual practitioners of shamanistic and metaphysical healing practices. Then there is the spiritual jewelry made from magic crystals or Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones to bring peace and harmony to the wearers who believe. And even for the non-believer sales of “Elvin” or Fairy Jewelry fashioned to emulate what fans see in the movies, are more popular than ever.

This creates an interesting market for the seller of spiritual items. There is a major increase in true believers that is undeniable. There is also this increase in spiritual items and spiritual jewelry just as a pop-culture phenomenon. Should the seller of spiritual stuff try to appeal to both markets? There is no doubt that there are hundreds of sites out there that are just trying to jump on the psychic and metaphysical bandwagon, and slap together something with a few stones made in sweatshop in China and call it a Chakra Necklace. And for the person who is just buying something to wear to the next renaissance festival – that is all well and good. But I say that no matter what your purpose for purchasing spiritual jewelry, you buy them from a verifiable and trusted source of true metaphysical gems and Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones. If you are truly buying your Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones or other spiritual jewelry for psychic protection or metaphysical growth this is a must. You must buy your Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones from purveyors of the genuine articles, who have on staff true sensitive’s who can verify the energies within the stones.

If on the other hand you do not believe and are merely buying your Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones or spiritual necklaces or other spiritual jewelry for decorative purposes, what have you got to lose by buying something that many believe has true power and the ability to improve your life?

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