Aromatic Oils & Incense for Mystical & Shamanic Rituals Conjuration Evocation

Choose your favourite bouquet from our beautiful range of exotic aromatic essential oils. The fragrances provided by Astral Magick are specially selected not only to stimulate the olfactory senses but to also boost your personal metaphysical powers, strengthen the potency of devises you have purchased from our store or increase the energy of your spells.

Any product in our range can also be used in rituals and rites not only in respect of initial transference of energies and spiritual entities, but they are also perfect to use regularly to anoint artifacts of worship and are conducive in assisting a higher spiritual state when practicing meditation. Our product range includes many of the traditional favourites, including, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Musk and Sandalwood together with other exquisite fragrances rarely heard of in the west. These exotic bouquets, such as Ratu Balqis, Tangung Flower Oil and Malaikat Subuh Oil, will tempt not only the senses but also the spirits and provide you with something to make you feel special. Whether you are a practitioner of the magickal arts, an aromatherapy or massage specialist looking for something just a little different to bring to your clients or simply someone who wants to smell a little sweeter, Astral Magick’s Aromatic Essential Oils range has something to suit everyone

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