Aura Cleansing

Aura is metaphysical energy that symbolizes pure consciousness— it’s the primal energy that underlies all existence. The Greek word ‘Aura’ stands for breath or air.

At Astral Magick, we are highly experienced in distance aura cleansing and psychic practices that can promote a feeling of peace, calm, and relexation, ridding individuals of all negativity in life. We utilize the traditional rituals derived from the ancient Majapahit kingdom of Indonesia, the Kejawen (Javanese) tradition, and the Ilmu-Al-hikmah occult practices. We will know more about all of these traditions in a moment.

We have been using this ancient knowledge to help individuals around the world restore positivity and balance in life. The Aura cleansing practice is done remotely and can benefit a person anywhere in the world.

Metaphysical Constructs of Aura Cleansing

Living beings have an energy field, often called the auric field. The way we perceive external objects is influenced to a great degree by the state of the mind and its conditioning by the experience an individual has lived so far. The fundamental metaphysical inquiry is of the nature of existence. Metaphysics is often concerned with the visible and invisible forces that shape life and the universe and the complex ways in which they interact.

Aura, then, is a complex metaphysical construct that refers to an entity which has the potential to affect life and, in turn, be affected by it. It’s a vibrational metaphysical energy that exists beyond space and time but interacts with both space and time in the course of a living being’s journey from life to death and beyond.

Experts believe that the aura is a result of electro-photonic vibrations. These are often experienced in response to an external excitation such as light or electrical energy. Aura is often also perceived as a type of electromagnetic energy by some.

Aura is an important part of the occult sciences as well since it offers a portal into psychic experiences. Metaphysics is thus often associated with the occult sciences since they both share the quest for understanding the real nature of existence and life.

Aura Cleansing and Its Implications for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Wellbeing

There’s more to life than the physical body we live and breathe in. The ancient masters have believed that the human body is surrounded by an energy field called the ‘aura’ which is reflective of the state of our well-being too.

Each one of us has a distinctive aura which can suffer vibrational imbalances when it interacts with external influences and energies. This can disrupt our own aura and affects it positively or negatively based on the energy exchange during the process of interaction. It is, therefore, essential to balance and cleanse the aura periodically.

There are several different methods of aura cleansing and cultures around the world have their own practices for aura cleansing. An exploration of the primary ancient traditions we use and follow for aura cleansing and balancing the energy field in greater detail is in order.

Chakras and Chakra Balancing: The Portals of Energy

As mentioned earlier, the human physical body is surrounded by a field of spiritual energy. Charkas are energy centers that are often considered to be vortexes of energy located along the spinal column. Hindu traditions consider that the chakras are linked to all major body systems, organs, and glands.

Energy, it is believed, flows through these chakras and any blockage due to physical or spiritual reasons can lead to illnesses and negativity. Chakra balancing can help restore harmony and balance in the body and help sustain a healthy energy field.

Our expertise lies in aura cleansing to balance the chakras and energy fields in the body. The divine energy enters the body from the crown chakra and flows down. As it travels downward, it heals all chakras that lie along with energy pathway. This heals the depleted energies of the chakras and replenishes them. The energies are often drained on account of negative emotions and interactions.

Result of Chakra Cleansing and Post-Cleansing Experiences

Aura cleansing is intimately tied in with chakra cleansing and they both influence each other. Aura cleansing will also restore the energy of the chakras, bringing harmony everywhere. Once aura cleansing has been successful, the individual experiences some very powerful indications. He/she might feel highly increased vibrations and a profound sense of peace and serenity.

There’s a great sense of well-being and you end up felling a lot more comforted, secure, confident, and peaceful. Aura cleansing cleanses all psychic dirt and debris and frees the mind and the body from all burdens. Positive outcomes immediately start pouring in— you’ll immediately note the difference.

After a chakra cleansing or aura balancing session, which can be performed remotely, you will have a grounded and energetically balanced aura. You will now have some unique feelings and the ability to sense when energy is being sent to you or extracted from you. Each time we interact with a person, we end up either absorbing energy from them or depleting our own energy. Aura cleansing helps regain all lost energy.

A feeling of lightness is evident— you feel free of all negative energies that bind you to everyday life. Aura cleansing rids an individual of sadness, anger, and promotes a feeling of relaxation.

The Majapahit Kingdom Magickal Traditions

The Majapahit kingdom was an ancient Indonesian empire that consisted of 98 river tributaries. The vast kingdom, it is believed, stretched from Sumatra to New Guinea. The prominent religions followed in this era included Hinduism, Kejawen, Animism, and Buddhism. The Majapahit kingdom is considered one of the most powerful and prosperous empires of Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

It is believed that one of the kings of the Majapahit kingdoms had mastered the art of magic. The artifacts from the great Majapahit empire are, even today, linked to magic and the mysterious arts. We use the magickal aura cleansing techniques derived from the Majapahit era.

The Kejawen Traditions of Indonesia

Kejawen is an Indonesian tradition that derives from the Hindu, animistic, and Buddhist traditions. It is not really a religion but a way of life for several Indonesian people. At the core of the Kejawen tradition is the need for harmony in life: it is essential to live harmoniously with all elements of the universe.

The second major aspect of the tradition is a belief in God: an entity that is considered to be the cause of everything. Kejawen tradition involves both fasting rituals as well as meditation practices. The followers of Kejawen believe in the existence of a superconsciousness that is beyond human comprehension and that influences our life in every way. Kejawen combines elements of mysticism, occultism, and metaphysics.

The ultimate aim of the Kejawen seeker is to attain harmony with the universal spirit and be one with the divine. We specialize in using Kejawen practices to help people around the world attain harmony in all aspects of their life through distance aura cleansing.

The Ilmu-Al-hikmah Magickal Tradition

The word ‘Ilmu’ literally means ‘knowledge’. Ilmu-Al-Hikmah refers to the Islamic occult sciences and practices that invoke supernatural beings which are angelic in form and can help attain harmony and balance in life.

Such divine helpers can steer an individual towards positivity and remove negative influences and energies. The Ilmi-Al-hikmah tradition involves seeking the help of khodams which are angelic spirits that are contacted for a specific motive.

At Astral Magick, we are highly experienced in the Ilmu-Al-hikmah tradition and use it to help individuals globally overcome the negativities in their life.

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