Kejawen Spiritual Shamans

Javanese Kejawen Occult & Magical Power Transfers these Spiritual Empowerment are conducted Remotely for 7, 14 or 21 days.

Magical Empowerment will come with the Magical Keys to generate and develop the Spiritual Powers. A Personal Khodam or Jinn Spirit are included with some of our empowerment’s.

These empowerment are not offered anywhere else are exclusive to these Shamanic Empowerment are done in house by our own team members.! Please be-careful of Fake Suppliers!

These Spiritual Power transfers are designed for those who are serious in this practice. You will not be instantly changed into a shaman or spiritualist or become psychic overnight but over time with consistency in practice and recitation of the mantra, regular fasting your growth will accelerate. PATIENCE is required here by serious practitioners.

Astral-Magick is the first company globally to offer this over the internet. Many fake sites have tried to copy and mimic our methods and products. Please be-careful as these empowerment are not available anywhere else.

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