Tenaga Dalam / Inner Energy / Ch’i Energy/ Prana Empowerments

Tenaga Dalam empowerments concern themselves with metaphysical forces and spiritual balance. Although their energies are used for multiple purposes, most often they are applied in order to provide the individual with inner spiritual strengths, improving mental and physical capacity, or by implanting negative influences over your enemies and their accomplices to diminish the same strengths accordingly.

In many cases the Tenaga Dalam empowerments from the Astral Magick range will provide both. The magical and inner strength abilities arising from Tenaga Dalem can increase strength of the mind, body and soul imbibing you with a feeling of inner calm and superiority. Their energies arise from balancing our own inner power and spiritual life force ensuring yin and yang are in sychronicity. The foundation of such metabolic spiritualism can be evidenced by Chi force pathways, or Qi energy and also Ki energy, Kundalini energies and Prana life forces. Metabolic and metaphysical balance are essential to a harmonious existence. So, whether you are seeking to simply improve your own sense of well-being and increase psychic powers through meditation and breathing exercises, or looking to improve your confidence, status and authority and power over others while concurrently diminishing that of your enemies or opponents, Astral Magick Tenaga Dalam Empowerments can help you achieve your goal.



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