Lingam Yoni

The lingam and the yoni are ancient spiritual icons that have been found at ancient archaeological sites across Southeast Asia. These are extremely powerful symbols and metaphorical entities that have been associated with a variety of meanings.

While the lingam and yoni have been profound spiritual symbols in the Indian subcontinent, they have also been used by the Indonesian shamans for specialized endeavors such as increasing the power of enchantment, attraction, and influence over those who matter.

Love spells and Attraction

Lingam Yoni talismans are commonly used in magical love spells & love attraction practices in Indonesian Shamanism. They are also believed to increase popularity and fame. These talismans are also good for married couples and are used to keep the bond of love strong and alive. Those who are single in relationships can use the talisman to find their true soulmate.

There is no need to recite any mantras or chants when using the Lingam Yoni talisman. While some of these have Khodamic spirits within to assist, all of them have magical powers of influence and attraction.

The talisman can also be used to expand one’s social circles and enter into new friendships.

Association with Khodamic Spirits and Indonesian Shamanism

The talisman is associated with Indonesian Shamanism and is specially designed to provide the bearer a stronger sex appeal. It is also believed to improve the power of influence over the opposite sex.

The lingam yoni talismans are often associated with a khodamic spirit. The khodam is an angel-like spirit that supports the practitioner, helping him in his spiritual endeavors. Many of the talismans contain a khodamic spirit and provides the person possessing them the power of attraction.

The khodam does not typically appear in an animal form and has a very powerful presence. It is believed that the khodamic spirits were created as the guardians and helpers of humankind. The experts often seek the help of khodams for their magickal pursuits.

The association of khodamic spirit with a lingam yoni talisman further extends its power and capabilities, making it much more potent.

Lingam Yoni Iron Talismans Charged by Indonesian Shamans and Their Benefits

Empu, the Indonesian Shamans, are known for crafting magical iron objects that have extraordinary powers. Empus often make iron talismans with a lingam and yoni. These are believed to represent the male and female reproductive organs— the phallus and the vagina and are crafted in the same form.

The talisman is considered to empower the user with the power of enchantment. It is said that the Lingam and the Yoni can potentially also represent Yin and Yang in a profound sexual embrace. Representing the male and female energies, the talismans can invoke and catalyze the same energies in the physical world.

The possessor of the Lingam Yoni talismans is said to have a charismatic presence and a charming sexual appeal. They instill in the individual a renewed sense of confidence and youthful vigor.

Lingam and Yoni Spiritual Iconography and Symbolism in Hinduism

The lingam and yoni have diverse spiritual and metaphorical implications in Hindusim. While the Lingam is believed to represent Shiva, the ultimate reality, the Yoni is said to represent Shakti, the infinite cosmic energy that forms the very core of the universe. The lingam and the yoni are abstract and aniconic representations of the divine energy and consciousness in the ancient Indian tradition, particularly Shaivism. Both the lingam and the yoni are highly revered in spiritual iconography. The lingam is also called the Shiva linga while the yoni has been referred to as pindika.

The upper part of the lingam is said to symbolize Parashiva, the aspect of Lord Shiva which is beyond human comprehension and is timeless and formless. On the other hand, the lower part of the lingam symbolizes Parashakti, the pure and eternal consciousness that is omnipresent and all-pervasive. Shiva and Shakti together form the creative forces that bring the universe into existence: according to Hindu traditions, they are all there is. There is nothing but Shiva and Shakti in the entire universe.

Some have associated the lingam with the male reproductive energy while the yoni has been linked to the female reproductive energy. Together, the Lingam and the Yoni can also represent the generative powers of the universe; the masculine and feminine forces that are the source of all life on the planet.

The evidence of lingams have been found dating back to the pre-historic times at the Indus Valley Civilization sites as well. It is evident that the linga and yoni symbols have been worshipped and revered for millennia now.

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