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Magical Woods

For thousands of years most cultures and many forms of worship have believed the elemental nature spirits are held within wood. Even today our connection with trees holds strong and Wiccan and Pagan rituals involving wood are still performed. Druids hold ritual woods as magical items and as trees connect with the sky and earth it is easy to understand how they are often held to be the embodiment of spiritual and magickal elements including jinn spirits living inside magical trees and thus being transferred to us as magical woods.

Our range of magickal woods provide many purposes. In some cases they act as a talisman and draw strength from the supernatural forces to a contained object or being. They might be considered powerful for black magic protection. In others they act as an amulet and provide protection not only to their keeper but also to their properties and even prosperity. The magic elements protect not only from spirit beings but also those of the human variety and often their actions are many and varied.

Take for instance our Oyot Mimang, or Root of Confusion. This magickal wood obtained from the Banyan tree, is effective not in keeping intruders out, but in preventing them from leaving as they enter an hypnotic state of confusion. Magickal woods are are not only effective protection devices but their natural and unique beauty will enhance any home.

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