Protection Talismans and Amulets

Throughout the history of man amulets and talismans have been used in all their different forms as protective devices. Today our requirements might be somewhat different from those of our ancestors yet we still seek to draw comfort and strength not only from our physical selves but also from the mystical realms and spiritual worlds far beyond the comprehension of most. Although today we might often initially interpret the word protection as being a force which defends us against physical harm, there are many other ways in which our security might be threatened. For example, our business dealings may need protecting from the rigours of the market or even devious adversaries. We might also be concerned not only with reversing ill health but in maintaining the good health of either ourselves or that of our loved ones. Historically, amulets and talismans were used for this very purpose and children in particular were provided with these artifacts to protect them particularly during the vulnerable years of infancy. We might also feel the necessity to protect us from negative spirits or other demonic entities. The magical power derived from amulets and talismans enable us not only to draw upon the power of good spirits or nature but also to fuel our own strengths to provide the psychological and metabolic energies to deal with such situations. Whether you need a talisman or amulet for use as a defensive mechanism or simply require the comfort and security they provide, then Astral Magick is certain to stock the protection talisman or amulet which will meet your needs.

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