Magickal Oils

Our range of magickal oils can assist in many aspects of occult and spiritual practices. Each is designed to accomplish a specific purpose and can be applied in numerous, different ways depending on the task in hand. The oils are not meant for consumption and should not be ingested, however some can be applied to the skin (topically), others might be used with rituals and artifacts and some might be applied to specific objects depending on the objective.

For example, our metaphysical oils may be used when annointing a photograph of your enemy. Other love philters and potions might be used in conjunction with a similar object when casting a love spell over a desired individual as a love attraction devise. So too can our metaphysical oils be used in the corporate world by using their occult power to cast influence over a possibly difficult business acquaintance. When it comes to sickness and disease we also have magical empowered oils for healing and assisting with aura cleansing. If your desire is simply to strengthen existing psychic abilities then we have available spiritual development oils and positions specifically designed for this purpose. And for those who wish to increase the depth of meditation they achieve many of our magical empowered oils are intended to raise the level of psychic plane they can attain. Whatever your requirements the extensive selection you can find in the Astral Magick online store will meet and exceed your needs.

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