Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical healing is an important aspect of many spiritual practices and traditions. At Astral Magick, we specialize in spiritual healing using the ancient Javanese methods of the Kejawen tradition that trace their roots to the mighty Majapahit kingdom, one of Indonesia and Southeast Asia’s most powerful empires.

What is metaphysical healing?

The word ‘metaphysics’ pertains to that which is at the very core of things; that, which is fundamental. Metaphysics does not deal with appearances— the way things and entities appear but with reality: the essence of everything.

Metaphysical healing is a type of energy healing that aims to help individuals restore positivity, balance, and harmony in their lives. There are millions of people around the world who suffer from psychological problems, mental ailments, depression, trauma, and other conditions.

It is not uncommon for souls to be burdened by things in their head or before their very eyes. The methods of metaphysical healing are designed to liberate the soul from such disturbances and promote well-being.

How does Astral Magick perform metaphysical healing work?

The experts and occultists at Astral Magick use metaphysical healing methods to perform ritual work that can work at the very root of the problems being experienced. We examine the energy structure of the physical body of the individual and help balance the energy field, allowing the body to heal itself in a much faster way.

Metaphysical healing practices share much in common with aura cleansing principles. Our tools and techniques trace their origins to the ancient Kejawen tradition of Indonesia. At the core of the practice is a belief in a superconsciousness that is all-powerful and which is beyond human cognition and understanding. Call it God or all omnipresent energy, the entity has the ability to influence our lives. The ultimate aim of the Kejawen practitioner is to strive to attain harmony with the universal spirit. This is, in essence, what metaphysical healing strives to accomplish.

How does metaphysical healing improve positivity?

Metaphysical healing practices believe that negative emotions and thoughts can disturb human health and cause illnesses of various kinds. The stresses of everyday life are believed to take a toll on the different parts of the body, manifesting as pain and diseases.

Metaphysical healing works by examining the mental blockages to do wonders to the body. As they say, it’s all in the mind. The kind of feelings and emotions we experience and the way we perceive reality is all governed by the mind.

Positive emotions including love and acceptance can work wonders for the body and mind while negative emotions including hatred and anger can do exactly the opposite. The healers work by seeking divine support from unseen energies and forces. They will often send requests to the individual, requesting the soul to heal itself and thanking the universal spirits for their support and cooperation in the process.

At the core of metaphysical healing is that all healing is, after all, self-healing. Every person on the planet is born with the amazing ability to heal his/her own scars. Ultimately, the success of metaphysical healing rests on the faith and trust the individual places in the healer.

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