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Genuine Magical Keris & Spears  contains real metaphysical powers that benefit normal keepers & collectors in a variety of ways, especially providing protection from Psychic forces.

Shamans, Spiritualist and Psychic practitioners usually always keep one or more! for its magical power and protection from Black Magick & Metaphysical Attacks of all sorts.

Keris are also well known for assisting in attracting wealth, fortune and respect for its owner. Keris are famouse amongst business men in Indonesia for its ability to accelerate ones career and growth

Fake or mass produced Keris blades do not posses this form of magical power known as Tuah. Real Genuine Keris Items will not only contain energy but also a Spirit entity known as a Khodam, which can one can directly command and communicate with on a psychic level.

Anyone can keep a Keris blade their are no restriction. The problem with the Internet is that FAKES have flooded the market cheaply.

Not all Keris Blades contain magical powers this is why its essential to purchase from verified sellers who are able to tap into its energy for verification.

Fakes are being sold over the internet, social media sites and Auctions Sites.

Astral Magick Items are genuine and verified by real Psychics! Please be careful with production type keris and spears as these look almost real but contain no powers at all.

Many of these Keris Blades are cooked so that they age faster and look older by purpose in order to fool the buyers.

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