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Spiritual Keris and Spears

Keris are specially crafted blades that are deeply linked with the Indonesian culture. These are powerful blade weapons that have profound metaphysical implications and significance and play important roles in ceremonies and rituals.

How Keris Blades Work

Genuine magical Keris and spears are known to contain real metaphysical powers that benefit their keepers and collectors in a variety of ways. Keris can provide protection from psychic forces and can ward off spiritual troubles. This is the reason Keris are common elements in the toolkits of shamans, spiritualists, and psychic practitioners as well. These usually maintain one or more such Keris. The spiritual devices can protect the bearer against the dark arts of black magick and metaphysical attacks of all kinds.

The shamans can also charge Keris for helping the collector amass wealth and fortune. They can increase the social circle of those in possession of these blades and can make them respected and popular figures. It is precisely for this reason that Keris are commonly kept by Indonesian businessmen as it helps them accelerate their career growth and success.

Beware of Fake and Mass Produced Keris Blades

Keris blades are only potent when genuinely charged and crafted. However, in the modern age of the internet, there are several websites which sell fake mass-produced blades. Even though they look very real, they lack the intrinsic psychic forces. The shamans call the magical power ‘Tuah’— it is this metaphysical force that is absent in these fake blades.

It is important to note that many of the fake Keris Blades are made to look old by heating them to accelerate their aging. This is an artificial process that does little apart from fooling unaware buyers.

Buy Genuine Keris Blades From Astral Magick

All items sold on Astral Magick are 100% genuine and have been verified by real psychics! When you make a purchase with us, you can be sure that you’re investing in an authentic Keris blade that will open the doors to spiritual fulfillment

Genuine blades are not only charged with spiritual energy but also contain Khodams which are divine spirits that are invoked to assist with a spiritual pursuit. The spirit entity can be directly commanded and will communicate once the bearer has attained a certain psychic level.

There is no restriction associated whatsoever with Keris and anyone can keep them. Just remember to always buy an authentic blade considering that the market is flooded with cheap fakes. It is, therefore, important to only purchase Keris blades for verified sellers who can ensure that the blade you purchase is potent with magical powers.

All our Keris Blades are verified Genuine with Magical Khodams or Genie (Jinn) Spirits. These items are now moved over to our Sister Site:

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