Spiritual Communication with Genies, Jinns, Ghosts, Khodams, Astral Spirits & Forces


Whether you’re seeking protection against black magic, a ways to attract more wealth, a personal guardian, or assistance in developing your magical powers, you need the guide to communicating with spirit entities.

Spiritual communication with magical beings is the perfect way to harness the power of the occult to your advantage. As part of your spiritual initiation, you may desire to harness the power to communicate with ghosts and other astral beings. Here at Astral Magick, we can equip you with the necessary tools and objects you need to communicate with spirits effectively.

Spiritual Communication With Khodamic Spirits

When you need to communicate with spirits, Ilmu Khodams or Khodamic spirits are on hand to act as your personal servant, helping you to perform magical acts and strengthen your powers.

As spiritual messengers between the here and now and other dimensions, they are the key to boosting your telepathic communication skills and to improving your personal relations and status. Whether you want to protect your business ventures from aggressive competitors, need protective assistance, or want to expand your customer base, when you communicate with spirits, you can achieve your occult goals.

Spiritual Effigies, Statues And Magical Items

Empowered brass or bronze effigies and statues can help you to attract more wealth and to safeguard your home from harmful and negative energies. These sacred objects can be installed in your house, or in your business premises to protect it from any ill intentions.

None of the spirit items we sell is conjured or anchored using elements of black or dark magic, and therefore they are easy and safe to use. These spirits cannot be commanded to carry out black magic.

Charged Talismans, Amulets, And Artefacts To Engender Your Spiritual Proficiency

Many of the artefacts you will find here at Astral Magick are accompanied by spirit entities like Jinns, fairy spirits, and Khodams. These not only increase the magick’s potency, but also helps to engender your own spiritual proficiency and development.

Charged magical charms, amulets, and talismans can bring you the protection you seek, the assistance you require to achieve a goal, or the ability you desire to attract something into your life, whether it be love, social standing, athletic ability, or wealth.

When you dedicate yourself to practice, you can consistency increase the potency of these empowered objects so that you can achieve power in the highest magnitude.

Both charms and talismans attract Khodam spirits with diverse attributes. While some are angelic, others apply their powers to your daily spiritual needs, and others specialise in supporting your occult development. It’s therefore important to select the right object and spiritual entity to enable you to achieve the desired effect.

Uncover or enhance your abilities to communicate with ghosts, spirits, and other mystical entities when you discover the tools and resources available here at Astral Magick.

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