Khodam Spiritual Entities

Khodamic spirits, otherwise known as Ilmu Khodams, act as acquired personal servants to their owner and also participate in assisting them to perform acts of magic in addition to strengthening their powers. Not all Khodams are though alike, and they can vary between the level of skills they provide so acquiring the correct Khodam is essential. Yet there can be little doubt that all possess magickal powers which are immense, if somewhat subtle. Often they act as spiritual messengers between the now world and other dimensions and the owner may increase the strength of telepathic communications by virtue of their Khodamic spirit. The ethereal presence of a Khodam most often requires that they project in an astral manner or possibly reside in a physical object or item yet they rarely appear as familial spirits in animal form.

Khodamic spirits might aide rituals, rites and spell casting by strengthening cleansing rituals, providing protective assistance, improving personal relations or even to increasing the personal status or communication skills of the owner. Even in modern day Indonesia, many businessmen rely on Khodamic spirits to protect and improve their ventures. They ask for assistance in protection from aggressive or cheating competitors or simply guidance to expand their market or customer base. The activities performed by Khodamic spirits are many and varied and their only aim is to improve the personal situation of the owner. 

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