Aji Pamungkas Talisman


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Aji Pamungkas Talisman

The Aji Pamungkas Talisman contains a powerful magical spirit familiar which protects the user from all physical harm, if you live in a rough neighbourhood where there are threats of criminals or yob-like behaviour, this item is something you need to consider as a means for your protection or a talisman for someone you care about.


This talisman is also great for warding off negative spirits and entities which may be sent to you to cause disturbance and ill circumstances.


The magical spirit familiar will ensure your safety as you are travelling. The item has been produced by an adept in Ilmu Al-Hikmah, who has carried out a series of strict fasting and lengthy rituals to attach a spirit familiar to this talisman, for its successful use.


There are no difficult mantras or rituals to recite or conduct. The talisman can be kept on you for the magical power to work for you.


The magical virtues of this item are presented below:


  • You will become invisible to those who have criminal intent or violent thoughts against you.
  • You will be protected against those with magical power, such distant punch attacks, any attempt to inflict you, will be reflected back to the aggressor.
  • You will acquire the ‘distant punch’ for the sake of your protection and defence. If required urgently, you must hold your breath and recite ‘Ya Allah’ 3 times with focus and concentration punch your aggressor so that they feel a strong impact.
  • Carry the talisman, to ward off enemies, as they will be frightened and will run away from you.
  • Carry the talisman to protect yourself from magical attacks, disturbance from negative spirits and entities.
  • Keep the talisman in a haunted house or room, the haunting will stop and disappear.
  • When kept in the house the talisman will protect the inhabitants against incidents and disasters.
  • The user will be granted calmness of heart and soul, as they are able to overcome problems easily. Their aura will also radiate a great charisma and they will be respected by others greatly.


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