Alas Purwo Elemental Elf Spirit


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Alas Purwo Elemental Elf Spirit

This is an elemental elf spirit famous for its powerful magical abilities. It is an elf spirit that comes from the forests of Alas Purwo National Park. In the mystic lands of south-eastern tip of Java, this forest is one of our most famous sources of extremely potent spirits. It inhabits the most eclectic mix of powerful entities from the spirit kingdom. From nature spirits, genies to elves, all find their home in these spiritually acclaimed forestlands.   


The spirit in your talisman would be an odd hundred years old and in the spirit kingdom goes by the name of “Elf”. These manifest themselves as human like creatures but with long and pointed ears. Unlike popular culture they are not notorious but extremely potent spirits that provide you (as their master) an extraordinary sense of perception and supernatural powers. If their versatile powers are evoked with good intentions, they prove to be very effective against financial difficulties and help you resolve all your debts and monetary issues. You must have one of these if you are a frequenter with such problems in life.


The item containing this spirit within realms would be a miniature keris dagger. The virtues of this spirit are definitely limitless and are helpful in all phases of life. A companion spirit and the strongest ally that you would ever find, it marks its aim as to resolve all your issues in all chapters of life expanding from personal to professional.


This spirit is well known for its virtues like kindness and loyalty. It would never let you or any loved one of yours; come in harm’s way. Also to enhance and assist the powers of these very powerful spirits, our adepts have equipped it with the hizib autan, a special hizib that works to make all your life’s dreams and desires true. 


Some phenomenal virtues of this magical spirit:
• Attracts wealth from all corners towards you
• Bring good news and fortunes from the most unexpected of places
• Helps you resolve professional difficulties
• Advances your career
• Gives a steady and exponential growth to business
• Helps you in love life
• Brings harmony to all your relationships
• Develops mutual benefitting and profitable associations
• Guides you on the path of personal and spiritual development
• Realizes all your dreams and desires
• And many more other virtues of its limitless powers


A very simple to use talisman, that gets set in motion with just a simple recitation.


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