Asma Al Husna Spiritual Power


Asma Al Husna 99 Divine Names of God, Spiritual Empowerment Conducted as a Remote Transfer.

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Asma Ul-Husnah
99 Divine Names of God


Derived from the secret, occult practice of Ilmu-Hikmah, this ancient and legendary spiritual empowerment of Asma Ul-Husnah is unique to Java Island. As an energised force the power is associated to 99 Angelic Khodams bringing with it, in perpetuity, 99 powerful virtues and thus combines accelerated spiritual and magical development. In order to be blessed with the spiritual power of Asma Ul-Husnah, a practitioner must conduct rigorous meditation, daily chanting, and intermittent fasting for several months. This is necessary to transfer the spiritual energy into the practitioner’s metaphysical energy structure. However with our direct remote empowerment the practitioner will be able to attain this power easily via the empowerment process undertaken by us and which lasts for 7 days. A short mantra is also provided to maintain and further develop a high level of spiritual power.

This empowerment also comes with a customized khodam entity to assist the user not only for spiritual needs, but also aiding the practitioner in achieving complete spirituality. By God’s grace and greatness, our adepts have been blessed with the capacity and capability to create this very special spiritual ilmu empowerment. It is transferred into the users body in a raw form, and, as a plant grows from the seed, there is a development over time which enhances every aspect of the recipients Energy structure, Spiritual Power and Personality. With regular practice the user will feel and become aware of the inner spiritual power developing at an accelerated pace. Because this enhancement works on both the physical and metaphysical levels, Occult and Psychic powers develop at an accelerated pace. Owners should find that, providing the correct diet and daily meditations are adhered to, psychic sensitivity will start to develop within months. With regular recitation of the mantra, enhancement of one’s personality, self-awareness and consciousness will develop. As the seeded power blossoms an increase in energy levels is experienced and meditation becomes deeper and more tranquil.

Absorbing energy or directing energies outwardly will create positive change allowing for easier development of one’s inner or higher self due to an increased light quotient and sensitivity or spiritual awareness. This empowerment also enhances physical personality, assuring your thoughts and words will be received with respectful dignity and consideration. Your essential self will be magnetised with higher spiritual energy and any occult or ritual practices you undertake will result in a greater degree of success and a stronger force for manifestation. You will also naturally develop a powerful auric presence which will automatically deflect magical attacks and prevent any forms of attack by negative spirits entering your personal space. By the very nature of this empowerment your presence will cause negative spirits to flee in fear as the light energies around your auric field resulting in distressing discomfort for any negative forces. We consider this empowerment one of the core elements practitioners should engage in due to its foundation which induces personal stability resulting in a temperament which is not easily tempted by the darker forces.

Spiritual & magical Virtues of the Asmah Al-Husna

1. Intensifies development of Higher Consciousness and Sensitivity to the Higher Self resulting in increased sensitivity to the inner voice.
2. Spiritually connects practitioners to the Angelic Khodam servers.
3. Deepens meditation bringing silence easily within oneself.
4. Increases the ability to absorb spiritual and psychic energies.
5. Increases intensity to direct power outwardly by words, eyes, hands, intention and will.
6. Develops 99 levels of virtues and spiritual/divine powers through regular practice.
7. Brings about a greater awareness of god within oneself; recognizing the divine spark, the inner light and becoming aware of god outside of oneself.
8. Helps to create a closer relationship with Angels and higher spiritual beings from the cosmos.
9. Improves one’s ability to absorb magickal and spiritual energies easily.
10. Improves one’s ability to heal oneself or others easily.
11. Intensifies development of Psychic Powers, Psychic Sensitivity and Clairvoyance.
12. Awakens the Third Eye and Telepathic Abilities.
13. Assists one to interact with Spiritual forces and Higher Magical beings.
14. Improves the Quality of your Auric Field.
15. Improves and strengthens one psychic self defence.
16. Develops personality from greater awareness and higher consciousness.
17. Raises vibration positively assisting to think on a higher plane.
18. Provides the Seed Power of 99 names of God; recitation of any of the names in the correct order will develop specific attributes and Spiritual powers.
19. Provides, guidance, protection and blessings from 99 Divine Angelic Khodams.
20. Increases power of the will to divert from temptation, dark forces or straying from the spiritual path.
21. Emits a Golden/White Spiritual light from within yourself and opens the heart further enhancing your daily life and understanding.
22. Removes negative energies from ones Aura and Psychic Channels through regular recitation of the Asma –Al-Husnah mantra.
23. Breaks spells and magical attacks directed at oneself.

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