Asmaul Husna Amulet


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Asmaul Husna Amulet

You are now looking at the most powerful of amulet that makes your business and work reach unimaginable heights. The powers within this amulet ensure that you always emerge successful out of every endeavour of yours. Whether it is about making the right decisions in career or business or making profits surge with an unthinkable force, this amulet will take care of all these needs. For people working in an organization this amulet will make sure you climb up the ladder and attain high ranks/positions even in the event of strong opposition. It provides you with great strength and power along with immunity to negate the any effects of negative energies or influences.

Remember to never misuse these powers with any immoral or negative intent. Any abuse of such powers will cause severe karmic consequences.

The powers contained within the amulet are purely the enormous “Tenaga Dalam Asmaul Husna” that have been exercised by our adepts. These are pure energies from the Quran and do not have a physical form or direct manifestation. These energies do not have a specific age also, but one could say that they are as ancient as the Quran is.

Our adepts still recommend the owner of this talisman to personally gain the ilmu of Asmaul Husna, to further enhance the virtues of the amulet and the ilmu along with it. Nevertheless, this amulet has been empowered with “Tenaga Dalam Asmaul Husna” that is one of the most effective talisman you can ever have. But, keep in mind that if your (the master’s) soul also carries the ilmu Asmaul Husna, the virtues, benefits and effectiveness get increased multifold.

Some of the virtues of this amulet are:
– Makes you achieve success in your business or work
– Causes fast paced advancements in your career
– Endows with stability and makes you indispensable for the organization or place you work in
– Attracts compassion, love and care of others
– Intensifies your wisdom and makes your presence authoritative
– Ensures your safety and  protects against all physical and metaphysical attacks
– Increases your physical and mental strength and power significantly
– Negates any and all effects of negative energies and influences
– Shields you and your loved ones against black magic attacks, witchcraft, santet and other such evil works
– Many more virtues that depend on your spiritual development

This item is simple to use and requires a simple mantra to be recited in order to activate the energies contained within your talisman.


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