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Asmoro Cahyo Magical Talismans Dayang Spirit


Dayang Spirit for Magical Protection against Psychic & black magical attacks, Wards of negative Spirits, breaks away Evil Black Magical Rituals and spells directed to the owner.

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Asmoro Cahyo Magical Talismans
Dayang Spirit


Dayang Spirits are extremely rare and difficult to acquire, as such only a limited quantity is available.


The Asmoro Cahyo spiritual talisman has magnificent powers intended to protect the keeper from many forms of malevolence and evil. It is imbibed with protective forces which repel bad luck, misfortune, black magic, curses, tenun, santet and various forms of darks spells, curses and other forms of negative occult practices which allows objects to be transported into the human body such as glass, nails, and foreign objects to destroy the target’s health. These dark form of magical practices are unable to enter into the auric field of any owner who possess this form of spiritual light.
The owner of this power will be feared by enemy Jinns, opponents, competitors and demon spirits alike. The Dayang spirits contained within will also attract and promote success in many forms for the keeper allowing them to earn the respect of friends and colleagues, enhance their social skills and practices and promote an aura of calm reassurance while in their presence.

The owner will be embraced by the Daya Linuwih, a white Spiritual energy which is visible to psychics and those rewarded with magickal powers particularly adepts who have been practicing the mystical arts for over 20 years.
Dayang spirits are those entities from a higher spiritual plane than most other genies, Jinn spirits and fairy elementals and are known to bring blessings upon those who take care of them. It is an ancient metaphysical being loyal to its master and communication is possible for those who are trained or psychically oriented. The keeper must though hold in mind that the spirit finds objectionable those persons who request it to perform negative actions such as associating with dark practice or negative desires. Should this happen the spirit, of its own will, might reject its keeper and leave its place of service.

The talisman contains great metaphysical powers that have been obtained by our adepts
through a series of rigorous rituals performed over decades and acquired from higher cosmic beings. The special nature of this talisman lies in the natural elemental power it holds and which, despite their strength, they are set in a way which means all keepers have a chance to access them.


Virtues of this talisman:
– Rid yourself of any negative influence, including Black Magic attacks, curses, santet, and malevolent spirits
– Prevent incoming negative influence and repel spiritual attacks
– Become feared by evil spirits, demonic entities, and dark-side elemental beings
– Strengthen personal virtues
– Increases spiritual energies to accelerate development.
– Improves the clarity, quality and strength of your aura.
– Helps influence people around you and put them at ease
– Calming and soothing effect indirectly strengthening confidence and decision making to help you succeed
– Brings honor and respect to the keeper
– Positively affects your aura, making you appear much more authoritative and respectable.


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 Note: Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.

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