Astral Projection Stone (Higher Class Version Level 2)


Astral Projection Stone


This magical stone has been especially empowered so that you are able to experience astral projection. Astral Projection Stone is an out-of-body experience (OBE) whereby you are able to move your ‘spirit’ or ‘astral’ body into another dimension and enter the spirit or astral planes.


The stone allows the user to freely travel in both the real and magical world without any boundaries. You can travel from one realm to another.  The user will be consciously aware of their surroundings, and with practice will be able to astral project at will (Advance Stages).


Astral Projection Stone can be achieved when the user in a semi-awake, lucid dreaming, or meditative state of mind. Such magical power and psychic ability can only develop through constant discipline and years of practice.


This item is extremely easy to use, as there is no initiation or mantras to recite, so you can tap into this power more easily with the help of this empowered stone.



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