Balinese Genie of Authority


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Balinese Genie of Authority

The khodam / jinn spirit does not come with a name. Its very simple to use, the owner only needs to wear the talisman. A short mantra is provided for achieving goals and special intentions.


This empowered item takes the form of a small fossil. Some spiritualists and shaman believe that fossils contain spirits and ancient wisdom; because of this they are often used as talisman. This fossil was obtained from the beautiful and mystical island of Bali. Although the exact date of the fossil is unknown, it is believed to be quite ancient. The mystical appraiser of this item deemed it particularly good for gaining respect. Its guardian owner may use it to help achieve the respect of others and to repel insult, injury and anger.

Some virtues the owner of this item may experience include the following:

– Respect from others and an authoritative presence
– Avoidance of insult and injury from others
– Likability (others like you and enjoy being around you)
– Avoidance of wrath and anger of others
– Love from superiors (superiors will love you and respect your value and skills)


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