Bamboo Perindu Magic Oil (5ML – Bottle)


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Bamboo Perindu
Magic Oil


5 ML/CC Bottle

in the Kalimantan Jungle there is a species of bamboo tree known as “Bamboo
Perindu”. These sacred bamboo trees have naturally high elemental energies
associated with powers of attraction, magnetism and fascination.

Dayak tribes of Kalimantan use the rare magic oils from the trees to attract the
opposite sex. If you use the oil, its power awakens sexual desire towards you in
a natural way. Those affected by the oil find you sexy and attractive. They want
to be with you all the time. Furthermore, the oil enhances your social skills,
confidence and animal magnetism.

elemental forces of Nature give the oil its power. It is 100% natural. A shaman
has not empowered or tampered with it. But the oil has been collected using an
occult method to keep the strength of its life force as powerful as possible.

can use the oil in various ways, not only with those you are dating but also for
business and social purposes. Use the oil frequently, and the energies in the
oil will settle in your aura and boost your personal magnetism. The oil is ideal
for wearing when you go out with friends, or attend dinner events, meetings,
parties, romantic dates, etc.

You do
not need to chant or conduct rituals. The oil is simple to use. Just apply a
small amount to yourself.

note that this oil is rare. Our stock is limited. There is no guarantee we can
acquire more stock once it has run out. Because of the nature of the oil it is
difficult to acquire and collect. Few people have the courage to venture into
the Dayak domains in Kalimantan. Oil such as this is hard to come by, and highly
valuable. It is an effective tool but not easily available.

Bottle is


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