Black Magic Cleansing & Demonic Possession Healing Ritual (Not Available)


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Dedicated Black Magic Removal

This package is now only available with our 4 Level Healing and had
been combined as package. Please Click On the Following Link:

Level Advance Healing Package


This Magical ritual has been especially devised to help
individuals who are suffering from very high level Black Magic Attacks, Negative
Magical Spells and Black Magic Curses. Also, if you are suffering from Negative
Psychic Attacks, Spirit or Jinn Demonic Possession then look no further; our
remote cleansing ritual is just what you need.

have sourced the best Javanese adept who has professionally dealt with such
cases as described above for many years. They are highly proficient in this
field of removal of such high level black magic attacks, referred by Javanese
occultists as “Santet”, “Teluh” or “Tenung”. With their experience, they are
able to use a magical defence which will remove nearly all kinds of black magic

cleansing ritual will focus on removing all the magical attacks and psychic
effects which have been directed to the victim. The power from etheric spirits
and entities as well as negative magical objects will be safely removed. This
powerful cleansing ritual will also remove high level magical attacks or spells
placed onto the victim, the adept is able to remotely penetrate this, neutralise
and destroy its effects regardless of whether they cause physical or emotional
distress. If you believe you have suffered from such black magic attacks or know
of a family member or friend in such circumstances, we can assist in this matter
for you.

may be cases where someone you know, family member or friend has been affected
by demonic possession or magical spells or magical mind control. We can
undertake this work to remotely remove such entities or black magic effects from
the individual. There is no work required from the victim; all magical work will
be carried out on their behalf.

general, this process can take up to 7 days of remote healing; the length of
time taken is dependent on the degree and severity of the black magic attack or
demonic possession. To carry out the neutralisation and removal process, the
adept is required to engage in magical prayers and counter-attack methods to
facilitate the process. This process involves going back to disabling the very
negative commands cited by the high-level black magic practitioners at the time
to initiating their attack on the victim.

Due to
the variety and severity of each case, from time to time, the adept may feel it
is necessary to personally empower objects or consumables for some individuals
as a closing rite to the process. 
All instructions and additional items will be sent via post (additional
postage fees will be advised and charged). Please note, this is dependent on the
individual case and not all case and individuals will be offered or required to
do this.

Following this process, it is highly recommended to undergo our
3-Level Spiritual Cleansing to which is a complementary healing and regeneration
process which works specifically on healing the energy structure of the
individual cleansed from black magic. This cleansing allows for the ‘psychic’
holes  in the aura and energy
channels to be cleared and filled with positive energies and blessings, through
which prosperous and positive healing can be gradually achieved. Further details
of our special 3-Level Spiritual Cleansing can be found

We do
offer the Black Magic Removal Ritual and 3-Level Spiritual Cleansing at a
discounted rate when you purchase these together; please purchase this combined
package here.

Benefits of the Black Magic Cleansing Ritual:

  • Removal of High Level Black Magic Attacks and its

  • Removal of Psychic Attacks and its effects

  • Disconnection of any Psychic Influence or Mind Control by black

  • Removal of Magical Spells & Curses

  • Removal of Foreign Magical Objects implanted by black

  • Removal of Demonic Possession

order to scan for black magic and carry out the ritual, we require the following
information about the affected individual:

  • Full Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Full Picture

ensure the images are of very good quality. Low quality images will be declined.
We suggest that you use a good Digital Camera to take the images. Please convert
large files to .jpg format and email them to us, with your contact name and
details.  Please make sure your
images are less than 1 MB each in file size.

item can only be purchased via Western Union or Money Gram Transfers.

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