Blambang Kumantil Magickal Power of Attraction


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Blambang Kumantil

Magickal Power of Attraction.

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This item is a must have for people who want a mystical aid to enhance and improve their physical appearance and overall presence. The powers contained within this talisman give you such powerful magnetic energy that it attracts even strangers to you. It makes your appearance garner more respect, trust and command authority. Consequently it improves each and every aspect of your life both directly and indirectly. It also shields you against any negative influences or energies.

The enchantment has the powers of pelet Semar Kuning, Sriwedo, Kacer Putih, and Surat Yusuf. All of these are natural sources of energy and have no shape or size. They do not have any definite age but are believed to belong to the era of the kingdoms, circa 14th – 15th century. The specific origin of these metaphysical powers is from the area around the Java Island. These were formed as the direct result of energies created by spiritual leaders and teachers of the ancient times. These energies have no direct manifestation but can be clearly felt bringing a lot of improvements and benefits to your life.

Some of the virtues of this talisman are:
– Increases the powers of attraction and makes your appearance much more desirable
– Assists your love life and helps you find your soul-mate and future spouse
– Emits extremely strong positive energies that makes strangers feel comfortable around you
– Makes you have a positive influence on others; they perceive you as a warm, respectable, and trustworthy person
– Makes your presence more authoritative and influential
– Makes you easily win the trust of your bosses, associates, and business partners
– Helps you build strong and lasting relationships with business partners
– Improves your financial position and advances your career in the right direction
– Repels any forms of negative or black magic attacks directed at you or your loved ones
– Steers you away from any form of potential harm or injury.

A very simple to use item, it only requires a simple mantra to be recited in order for you to harness the powers contained within the talisman.

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