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Bracelet of Spiritual Light



The Bracelet of Spiritual Light


This is a spiritual bracelet called tasbih – The Bracelet of Spiritual Light. Tasbih is carved out of a divine heaven sent Kaoka wood. It is the same mystical wood that was used in making the all-powerful Noah’s staff, ark and Prophet Muhammad’s tasbeh. This miraculous wood contains supernatural energies that come straight out of the pure divine source ever known to man.

Not a Simple Spiritual Bracelet

This bracelet of spiritual light looks simple on the outside but be rest assured as it contains the most powerful constructive powers within is realms. It has been carefully crafted out by our adepts who have sorted divine permission and blessings. It is quite necessary to establish a contact and know his will, before manipulating this sheer pure source of energy into its current form. Hence, owing to the sacredness and secrecy of the powerful ilmus contained within, the intricate process of producing this bracelet of spiritual light can only make 7 in a year.

Who Can Use This Bracelet?

The metaphysical powers and effects of this bracelet of spiritual light are not limited to anyone individual based on his cast, creed, gender and religion. Anyone blessed with its powers and who has humility for his/her God will be able to use the virtues to his/her benefit.

The true essence of this bracelet of spiritual light’s powers cause development of your inner strength and aura. It also helps in absorbing positive vital energies from your surroundings to assist your aura and help develop it holistically and spiritually.

The Magical Virtues of the Bracelet of Spiritual Light

1. It blesses you with safety and shield against any physical injuries. You will be quite armored against accidents, mishaps, perils, etc., irrespective of whether you are on land, sea, or air.

2. It emits a charged up, positive and magnetic aura. The natural inner aura overpowers all other external enchantments like pelet, susuk, etc.

3. Enhances your own spiritual strength greatly. It becomes your personal potent aid in development of your metaphysical energies and renders quick successful results.

4. With God’s wish, blesses you with enough prosperity and abundance.

5. It emits a powerful charming charisma that positively influences everyone’s perception about you.

6. Makes your presence feel stronger, authoritative and persuasive. Helps advancements in career and chosen path swiftly and unaffected by any disruptive forces.

7. Contains the effect of Daya Husada to protect you against any illnesses or contamination of aura.

8. The great power of kanurangan helps overpower all your adversary ilmus in case of an attack. This divine protection is self-activated when you stand victim to a plot. Remember not to use this in vain.

9. Neutralizes and wards off any and all black magic attacks used against you. You need to just keep calm and not retaliate. Believe in him and his blessings at all times for causing a powerful effect.

10. Gives more gravity to your prayers and helps in making them reach His ears in no time. Also helps in manifesting all your will and intentions.

11. Helps attract and absorb positive energies and auras from your surroundings.

12. Increases your strength and power, calms down your mind, and provides a feeling of peace to your soul.

13. Not restricted to any specific religion or gender. After all everybody is equal in his eyes.

14. Makes you emit spiritual energies that are a proof of much superior inner strength. The effect is as strong as holding real sacred pusakas or self-development of your spiritual energies over a long period of time.

15. Has limitless powers that can be harnessed for achieving anything and everything until it conforms to your religious laws.

16. Just wear it simply and keep in mind the given precautions while using this powerful tasbeh.

Do not ever forget to be grateful to God as this bracelet of spiritual light is nothing but a blessing from Him, as He deems you worthy of possessing such a potent power.


All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item.Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

 Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.

Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch


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