Bramu Romo Companion Jinn Spirit


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Bramu Romo Companion Jinn Spirit


This magickal talisman contains a genie or Bramu Romo Companion jinn spirit within. The spirit is recognized to be loyal, friendly and very generous. It makes for an amazing confidante and spiritual partner. This Bramu Romo Companion Jinn spirit will help you in all your life endeavours and efforts, no matter how small or big they are. Its influence may not directly manifest physically so easily but its supportive presence will be felt at all times. People with developed sense of psychic sensitivity are known to be in full command of their genie spirits and using it well for achieving goals that may otherwise seem too higher an aim for a person of that caliber.


The Bramu Romo Companion Jinn spirit held within this spirit can assist you in each and every matter of daily. Still it is believed to specialize in matters that need swaying people in your direction and that of related to love. It is known to develop your aura and force field to such an extent that attract females’ attention and fancy becomes something that comes naturally to you. Assisting and guiding during domestic problems or helping you support others facing such problems is also one of its noble virtues.


This spirit is known to originate from inside of the waterfalls in Jaka Tarub’s legend, in the mystical land of Parangtritis situated on the southern coast of Java. It resided in the waters and has been often seen roaming in the adjoining area around the waterfall. The surrounding mountainous area is also well known among mystics to possess great spiritual powers. It is believed that all these natural forces come to a focus point where spirits like these take form and come into existence. That is why they are believed to be guiding force of the virtues this spirit possesses in essence. Once yours, these spiritual powers are always silently working together to produce pave your way off all the difficulties and obstacles. It is famous among psychics to have a physical manifestation of that of a beautiful woman or a handsome man. Do keep in mind that whatever form it chooses to appear before you depends on your spiritual expanse and growth.


Apart from this mighty and earnest spirit, this talisman has also been charmed with khodamic as’ma powers, and the ajian Gajah Barong. And with these additional powers, this talisman becomes more and more powerful and successful in realizing its owner’s dreams and desires. The latter is a form of ajian that showers you with blessings so formidable that all your wishes reach the Almighty instantly.


Virtues of this magical object:

– Attracts wealth and profits from all directions of the lodestar.
– Finds your true soul-mate
– Flourishes your existing important relationship
– Helps establish new relationships
– Awakens the feeling of compassion within that harmonizes your inner being
– Advances your career and makes success all too common for you
– Assists you in establishing and expanding your business
– Transforms all your decisions into successful business endeavours
– Brings you wisdom and the consequential powers
– Assists in getting debt recovery
– Protects you and your loved ones against evil powers and black magic attacks
– Guides you on the path of spiritual and personal development
– Resolves complex matters and solves the most intense of issues
– Limitless powers, that can manifest all your aspirations and desires


With such limitless powers to harness, this spirit only requires a simple mantra to let its influence expand beyond the physical realms of the talisman and enter your life. The ones with developed psychic senses can also communicate with their companion spirit through telepathy. When around, it is known to make sounds, noises, or physical contacts like touching your hair or body to make its presence felt.


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