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Brojo Cempoko Shamanic Protection Talisman-Married


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Brojo Cempoko Shamanic Protection Talisman

— Married —


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Item has  Khodamic Spirit






        Increases your authoritative presence; gain respect and honor from others

        Helps to ease matters and resolve problems

        Brings you prosperity and abundance

        Attractor of good luck and fortune

        Prevents any incoming attacks affecting the business

        Provide personal and house fencing against black magic attacks

              Improve your financial situation

              Attractor of wealth and income

              Improve your career

              Improve your business; attract new customers, make regular profit, etc.

              Increases your powers of compassion

              Improves your personal appearance and presence; makes people feel comfortable around you

              Improve your personal aura, emit a more positive, friendly and magnetic aura that makes others comfortable around you

              Easily win the trust of others

              Manifest all your dreams, wishes and intentions

              Many more other virtues

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