Budha Sepu Arca Statue Type 2


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These Sacred Statues have naturally attracted Spiritual Forces/Intelligence & magickal powers, the statues were originally kept in Temples or worship and are over hundreds of years old! They have accumulated power over time and were possession of local monks.


Some Psychics would consider the spiritual forces inhabiting these objects as higher forms of Angelic Class of Khodamic Spirits, the objects were found buried at an old temple site in a Cave located in East Java. The manifestations occurred during an intense magical ritual.


The Sacred Objects radiate with powerful white light energies extremely strong in its positive vibration, thus the Spirit Intelligence of these objects are not referred to by names like how one would control a Jinn/Genie Spirits.


No mantra is provided in order to call forth the Spiritual Intelligence residing in the objects of power they will simply be present during ones meditation or when praying or conducting religious/Spiritual exercise or when ones needs assistance.


The Power of the objects links its Magickal & Spiritual powers directly to demi gods it represents. These objects are sacred & Powerful.  Just anoint the sacred Statues once a month to express a token of appreciation.


The Sacred Statues can be installed in your meditation room or on your Shrine/Alter. One can benefit mostly when meditating and communicating directly with the spiritual intelligence for guidance and assistance.  Some of these objects are pocket friendly and can be carried on one self.




Magickal Virtues:


Assist in Spiritual Development of any Kind,


Raises one consciousness to higher states of Spiritual awareness.


Attain Peace & Tranquillity


Attain Peace & Stillness of the Mind during Meditation


Spiritual Enlightenment/Guidance


Wisdom/Spiritual Knowledge


Attain Inner Happiness & Health


Attracts Wealth & Fortune


Harmony with Friends and Family


Increases one Social Circle


Magnetic Personality, Attract Sympathy and Love from everyone you encounter.


Attracts One Soul Mate for those who are single.


Avoid Catastrophes, Accidents, Mishaps and Disasters.


Deflects Magickal Attacks, Demonic Spirits and Negative Energies


Easily find solutions to problems you are facing


Increases one intuition and strengthens connection to higher self.





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