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Business Traders Genie


This empowered item takes the form of a small statue. Spiritualists believe that empowered items contain spirits (genies) and ancient wisdom; because of this they are often used as talisman. This statue was obtained from the beautiful and mystical island of Java. Although the exact date of the spirit is unknown, it is believed to be quite ancient and comes from the 16th century when the island was ruled by kings and experienced great prosperity and happiness. It is said that the spirits and genies from this era were brought called upon to assist Chinese traders of that time in their business ventures. Legend states that these Chinese genies married Javanese genie spirits, making them even more powerful and esoteric. The mystical appraiser of this item deemed it to take the form of a Chinese woman and asserts that it may be particularly beneficial for bringing power and prestige. Its guardian owner may use it to help achieve great fortune, a thriving business and the avoidance of misfortune.

Some virtues the owner of this item may experience include the following:

– Business success and career success
– Not easily shaken or stressed mentally, emotionally or spiritually
– Not easily taken down
– Mental, emotional and spiritual strength
– Immunity from illness
– Avoidance of misfortune


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