Business Wealth Attraction Oil


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Wealth Attraction Oil


magical oil has been created to easily attract fortune and wealth from all
points of the compass. It has been especially empowered to influence and attract
customers in your place of business, be it a shop, business office, warehouse or
home business.


powerful oil also neutralises negative energies which enter the area, these
negative psychic impressions can be brought in by customers or rivals, and can
be reduced significantly by this oil. The atmosphere will be cleansed of such
vibrations and positive energies will be allowed to uplift the atmosphere


bottle of oil is similar to a talisman, as the user does not have to open the
bottle or apply it anywhere. It is very easy to use; simply install the bottle
in your cash register, till drawer, above the front door to your shop or in your
office where you conduct your business duties. Such areas are ideal, as the oil
can help attract clients and instil positivity into that area of business.




  • Attract 
    Clients, Customers and Positive Business Associates

  • Attract
    Wealth & Fortune

  • Wards
    of Negative Bad Luck, Negative Psychic Energies.

  • Removed
    Negative Psychic Thoughtforms from the Atmosphere, Uplifts the

  • Easy
    to use, Simple mantra to recite 7 times at the time of

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