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Child Spirit of the Mount Kawi


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Child Spirit of the Mount Kawi


Kowang Junjung Drajat


Inside this talisman resides a very potent spirit that will be the best mystical companion you can ask for. As with any other talismans we have, under no circumstances will this spirit cause any harm to you and your loved ones. It is known for virtues like loyalty and honesty. As reported often by many of the users, its assistance will always be felt directly or indirectly. Although it possesses extremely powerful cosmic powers, all it requires is some simple maintenance and hard work on your part. For this talisman to work as claimed, you must always be faithful and humble towards the Almighty and believe in his blessings.

This is a native spirit found in the region of Mount Kawi, a dormant volcano in eastern parts of Java. It is often said in the local folklores that this region is always known for its strong paranormal energies amongst the adepts. Especially inside of the volcano. In fact, it has been found a very common practice in many communities of the region to offer sacrifices to please the gods and spirits living inside the volcano. Our adepts found this spirit in the volcano of Mount Kawi. It is a child spirit of the Mount Kawi that lived inside of the volcano and looked after its home i.e. the volcano. It is believed to have a physical manifestation of a small child with long hair and long ears. It derives its limitless powers from the ultimate source of the volcano’s center that brings many blessings to you or the owner.

Some of the virtues of this enchanted talisman:
– Possesses a powerful companion spirit
– Is a powerful magnet of wealth and money
– Brings you ultimate prosperity and abundance
– Ensure that your business advances and becomes sees nothing but success in all aspects
– Makes  you succeed in all your career and business endeavors
– Helps in forming and maintaining relations both outside and inside your house.
– Help you with love life, and finds your best match
– Steers you away from any danger, potential harm, injuries or undesirous results etc.
– Protects both physically and metaphysically
– Brings you good luck and fortune
– Wards off any bad luck, misfortune, negative energies or bad influences, etc.
– Guides you for positive and fortuitous decision making
– Many more other virtues that depends on your spiritual energies

A simple to use item that only requires a simple procedure to be completed in order to awaken the true powers contained within this enchanted talisman.

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