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Kasih Love Oil

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very simple and effective attraction love oil. The oil has a powerful aroma of
jasmine and it has been empowered to attract your loved ones or those you wish
to make a strong impression on. Magickally enchant your target and draw them to
your presence. With the power of this oil they will find it hard to forget you
and will constantly feel drawn and attracted towards you. Your sex appeal will
be increased many fold.

oil is simple to use and the mantra can be recited in any language English or
Arabic (both verses are given).

for any occasion and very simple to use, just apply on yourself with the
person(s) you wish to target in mind!

virtues of this item are presented below:

  • Increased
    charisma and attraction powers over the opposite sex

  • Ability
    to enchant the opposite sex

  • Success
    in your love life

  • Attract
    sympathy from others easily

  • Very easy to use


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