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Cosmic Light Power



Shamanic Protection from Cosmic Light Power

Self-Empowerment Item

The Shamanic protection from Cosmic Light Power is a very rare sacred power which is associated to Islamic practitioners in Indonesia passed on by spiritual masters to disciples for many centuries. This power has been one well-kept secret power and is still today considered as one of the highest level empowerments, given and passed down only to a select few to keep its existence alive. It is only now the adept has released this to give seekers the right to also possess this true power for assistance in their daily life.

Shamanic Protection and Other Uses of the Cosmic Light Power

The Cosmic Light Power was once used to overcome those who opposed Islam and other religious systems with their black magical power and destructive forces. This power is now offered to anyone of any faith as long as they uphold a high spiritual code.

As it gives ability to dismantle any black magick practitioners’ magical abilities and deflect their attacks, the Cosmic Light Power is considered a high defensive magical power. This empowerment is a mixture of Islamic and Javanese.

Who Can Use The Cosmic Light Power?

This is a highly recommended for amateurs and professional alike. The empowerment consists of a short and easy to learn mantra for directing the power. A simple yet powerful breathing exercise is also given to assist development the level of power in the user. This is a powerful empowerment for any spiritual warrior, giving shamanic protection and more.

The Magical Virtues of the Cosmic Light Power

• Neutralise and dismantle enemies’ magical powers, spells and destructive abilities
• Deflect attacks and send them back to the source causing your enemies to destroy themselves
• Those who oppose you or are hostile in any form towards you will experience negative outcomes or end up destroying themselves through their own devices
• Protection when travelling on Land, Air or Sea journeys
• Empower your prayers with greater force for acceleration in the manifestation of your desires
• Strengthen your Will-Power
• Acquire khodamic spirit servants to act as your personal bodyguards
• Cleanse yourself from bad luck and negative karmic effects
• Remove magical curses that have been hampering you or your family for generations
• Improve your business & gain financal stability
• Acquire assistance from spiritual forces to aid in your daily activities
• Develop a powerful and commanding presence
• Develop attraction powers over the opposite sex
• Develop the power of words; A well-known power that allows you to manifest whatever you say
• Develop invulnerability powers against enemy weapons such as blades, strikes and attacks
• Develop the power of influence
• Gain greater degree of inner peace and calmness
• Easily influence your peers and gain their sympathy
• Develop clairvoyant abilities
• Heal the sick and those who are suffering from physical alignments



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