Cubung Love Stone


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Cubung Love Stone

This magical stone is ideal for stubborn and difficult partners. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is playing hard to get, being stubborn and difficult, this stone can help you knock down their defences.

The stone works to make them become more receptive to your suggestions and obedient to your requests.

If you are currently single, this stone can help you strongly attract your target lover. The user is required to recite a simple mantra whilst in the company of their targeted person. The stone will work its magic and affect their mind and sub-conscious to be more receptive to your propositions.

The magical virtues of this item are presented below:
• Remove stubbornness from your target
• Enforce your suggestions and requests to sink deep into their mind
• Dissolve away emotional defence, allowing more expressive interactions
• Gain their sympathy easily
• Attract your desired target allowing for them to fall in love with you
• No rituals required to conduct for item use


Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch


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